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Wireless Outdoor Siren

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The Wireless Outdoor Siren has a 120db high output alarm.

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Detailed Description

120dB Universal Wireless Outdoor Siren with Signal Light

If you want to keep your home safe by installing a home security system, you will want one that is loud enough to overcome the loud noises such as cars passing by or the bustles of the city. To resolve this issue, it is recommended for you to have a universal wireless outdoor siren.

The Wireless Outdoor Siren is designed to alert you and your neighbors in case a burglar or a home invader is attempting to break through your doors or windows. However, this is not just a regular alarm siren as it is also designed to work in conjunction with other home alarm systems and transmitters.

Using this outdoor wireless siren this way is perhaps the easiest method because the receiver units and transmitters are already in place. However, you also have the option of using it without the main receiver unit. You just have to connect the sensors to the wireless loud outdoor siren.

The siren can easily connect with the Outdoor Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, the Wireless Home Security Motion Sensor, and the Wireless Home Security Vibration Sensor. All three are designed to trigger the siren by detecting motion within their range.

It is designed to connect up to 8 additional sensors. Once any of these sensors pick up motion, such as a burglar walking into a restricted area of your home, it will send a signal to the wireless outdoor siren strobe. And the latter will sound off or emit an emergency strobe light.

The outdoor siren has three functional options: you can set it to sound off with an accompanying strobe light, you can also make it emit the light without the ear-piercing sound alarm, or you can set it to just sound off without the light flashing. This allows you to set the alarm in a manner that suits your needs.

Once triggered, the sound alarm will turn on and off every 30 seconds. It also has at automatic shutdown option. Another major feature is its delay which lasts for 0 to 10 seconds. Having a delay timer is crucial for areas where you know there will be lots of traffic such as in an urban neighborhood.

However, the most significant features are its strobe light and 130dB sound alarm. The strobe light will instantly attract attention and will alert other people where the emergency is currently happening. It will also scare off any burglar or intruder before they have the chance of breaking in.

The wireless siren can be powered directly with its included power adaptor although there is also the option to use 4 AAA batteries. The unit also comes with a wall mount that allows you to place the siren anywhere you want particularly in areas where thieves will not be able to reach and tamper with them.

If you are looking for a safe and convenient non-lethal means of dissuading invaders or burglars in order to avoid direct confrontation, then you cannot go wrong with this wireless outdoor siren. It is affordable, versatile, and easy to use but is also one of the most effective methods of protecting your home.

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