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WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master

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The WildFire 9oz Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master is hot, hot, hot.

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Detailed Description

WildFire Fire Master Home & Car Security Pepper Spray

You are right to be alert to danger the moment you step out of your front door or your car door. The truth, however, is that you should also watch out for threats inside the home or vehicle, and maybe even more so. Neither one is a public place where you can hide in the crowd and scream for help to scare the bad person off. It is the reason pepper spray for personal carry is made differently than home defense or car security pepper spray or even pepper spray for camping or hiking.

Size is one big difference. Small pepper sprays are great outdoors because they are portable and not heavy, whereas large pepper sprays are great indoors where they need not be easy to carry. Rather, what car and home pepper sprays need to be is enough for hitting multiple attackers and in case no other help is coming.

The WildFire 9 oz. Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master Model is more than enough in both counts. It sure has more content than personal pepper sprays, which go from 1/2 oz. to 2 oz. and sometimes 4 oz. cans. Leaving pepper spray in car and home compartments is smartest if the canister is big, which is ideal for spraying liberally onto several targets or until your lone assailant drops beyond doubt.

A lot of motorists are attacked while their vehicle is stopped at a traffic light. It is not uncommon for people to have their car windows rolled down or the doors unlocked, and lawbreakers count on that to rob, assault or even kill their victims. The WildFire Fire Master 18% pepper spray has the needed volume and strength to ward off such attackers.

Apart from the amount, WildFire is hot pepper spray that contains a higher concentration of OC or oleoresin capsicum, the key component in pepper spray, than is standard. It has 18% OC clocking in at 3 to 4 million Scoville Heat Units (or SHU, a measurement of spicy heat in peppers), while most others have 10% OC reaching 1 or 2 million SHU. Given habanero peppers rate up to just 350,000 SHU, those millions are no laughing matter to anyone who has been pepper-sprayed.

For a start, pepper spray gives the skin and eyes an acute burning sensation. Also, it constricts the airways, causes incessant coughing and choking, and forces the overproduction of tears and mucus. These are non-lethal effects and will not lead to any serious injury, but they will keep an attacker indisposed for at least 15 minutes and not disappear completely until after hours have passed.

The WildFire 18 pepper spray percentage of OC is enhanced by the purity of the peppers used in the solution. The resulting spray has intensified effects, and the body reacts extra-fast to it, so that the 9 oz. WildFire Fire Master will end the attack in no time. You would be remiss to depend on a single-round home defense taser vs pepper spray this much and this strong against a band of burglars.

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