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WildFire ½ oz. Blue Rhinestone Leatherette Holster

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WildFire ½ oz. Blue Rhinestone Leatherette Holster has a range of 6-8 ft.

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ ounce Rhinestone Leatherette Holster Blue

When it comes to defense deterrent, the hotter it is, the better and more efficient it becomes. Even a small-sized cute girly pepper spray can deal a lot of damage. You will never feel any safer than with hot pepper spray such as the cute but powerful WildFire ½ ounce Rhinestone Leatherette Holster Blue defensive spray.

Fashionable Self Defense

This fashion defense deterrent may be small, and its looks can be deceiving, but it is one of the most potent weapons of self-defense you will find. It is hot chilli defensive spray that can effectively choke, blind, and cause non-stop tearing of the eyes and coughing. Contact on the skin causes a painful burning sensation, too.

Just how hot is WildFire Pepper Spray?

Most pepper sprays contain 10% oleoresin capsicum (OC), and that amount is enough to cause choking and blindness (by shutting the eyes). However, the WildFire ½ ounce Rhinestone Leatherette Holster Blue contains a more potent 18% OC.

With a higher OC content, you can defend yourself against people with a higher pain tolerance. Some men, especially drunken rapists or groups of muggers, might be able to withstand a weak spray. With 18% pepper spray, you are guaranteed one burst is all you need to put them down on their knees.

Because this pepper spray is hot, it can also cause severe skin pains. Pepper sprays are non-lethal, but the hotter they get, the more intense the burning sensation is. An attacker sprayed with this high OC concentration would be rolling on the ground as if they were trying to put out a fire.

Heat is not the only thing this WildFire hot pepper spray has going for it. It is also deceptively designed. It features a cute and girly holster design. Well-designed pepper spray holsters like this easily disguise the pepper spray and make it look like a cell phone holster or makeup kit.

Why would you want to disguise or hide the pepper spray?

Attackers tend to become even more violent when they realize you are planning to fight back. This might lead you to more danger. You want to shock them and spray them when they least expect it. Keeping this element of surprise is important.

This is why the fashion design of this ladies pepper spray becomes a big asset. If someone stalking you saw you pull it out of your pocket, they would not be alarmed. They would just keep walking closer to you until you can turn around and suddenly spray them in the face. You will be directly dowsing them in 18% OC.

In case your attacker does get away, the pepper spray contains a special vegetable-based non-toxic dye that can help the authorities such as the police or neighborhood watch identify and apprehend the culprit.

How Many Times Can I Fire This Pepper Spray?

With the WildFire ½ ounce Rhinestone Leatherette Holster Blue, you get between 6 and 10 one-second bursts, each one reaching a distance of up to 8 feet. Take advantage of its size and girly design, and you can effectively fight back against a whole group of attackers.

 Instructions for use on each unit. MADE IN THE USA.

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