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WildFire 1lb Pepper Spray 18% Pistol Grip

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WildFire 1lb Pepper Spray 18% Pistol Grip is hot, hot, hot.

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Detailed Description

WildFire 1-lb. 18% OC Pistol Grip Pepper Spray

There are a lot of different pepper sprays out there, but one of the first things you should look for is the OC content: the hotter the pepper spray, the more effective it becomes against attackers. The WildFire Pistol Grip Pepper Spray is one of the hottest pepper sprays on the market.

One look at the WildFire 1 lb. 18% Pepper Spray with Pistol Grip and you will realize immediately this is not a one-shot self-defense weapon. Pepper sprays rely on oleoresin capsicum or OC, the ingredient found in real peppers like jalapeno and habanero.

Most peppers rate up to 5,000 SHU. That is already hot enough for most people. WildFire hot pepper sprays rate up to 3 million SHU! This concentrated strength immediately shuts the eyes and makes it hard to breathe, and the skin will experience severe pain with a burning sensation that lasts for nearly an hour. Pepper spray is not deadly, but this type can instantly knock a tough attacker down.

Most pepper sprays contain only 10% OC. That amount is pretty hot, but in an emergency situation, you will want nothing but the strongest formula possible. There is nothing scarier than getting cornered in a dark alley to get mugged or raped, and a potent pepper spray could be the only thing to save you.

Some criminals have a high pain tolerance and can keep attacking even after getting hit. However, the high concentration of this pepper spray ensures they will no longer be able to see or breathe properly. They can resist the pain, but they will not be able to do much when they are choking and blind.

With 18% OC concentration in a one-pound canister, this WildFire pepper spray is a very advisable pepper spray for home security. Criminals that break into houses very often carry guns or melee weapons so you would not want to risk your life with a weaker pepper spray. Something this powerful will keep you safe at home.

One bottle contains 75 one-second bursts that can reach a range of 20 feet. This not only makes it ideal for home but it is also an ideal car pepper spray system. If someone is trying to rape you inside a vehicle or is trying to break in, you can roll down the windows and still effectively spray them.

Another major benefit is that WildFire uses non-toxic vegetable dye. This ensures you can see where the spray mist is and who is hit. It will help you check if the target has been properly sprayed or if they were able to cover their face. It will also help you make sure you hit multiple targets.

The 1 lb. WildFire hot pepper spray is so hot it can effectively take down attackers no matter where you are being attacked. You can defend yourself in your car, in your home, or on the streets at night. You can defend yourself against one person or against many. If you miss, you will still have dozens of one-second shots to try again.

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