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WildFire 1lb Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master

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The WildFire 1lb Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master is hot, hot, hot.

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Detailed Description

WildFire 1-lb. Fire Master Home Invasion Pepper Spray

In an ideal world, the can in your hand is never going to run out of pepper spray. It could be the one thing standing between you and an intruder. And the intruder could be a burglar who just wanted to get in and out quietly, thinking no one was home. Instead, the burglary is seconds away from escalating to a home invasion because the startled, unnerved housebreaker who ran into you has no choice now but to attack you. Your home invasion pepper spray will not last forever, either, but it can be big and strong enough to help you escape and survive.

The WildFire 1 lb. Pepper Spray 18% Fire Master Model is strong, hot pepper spray in a big can. You would want a sizable can of pepper spray in any attack situation so you can prevent the perpetrator from harming you or running after you. However, outside your house or vehicle, a compromise has to be struck between quantity and the ease with which you can bring the spray along at all times. In contrast, the best pepper spray for home defense or vehicle safety, where portability is a non-issue, is going to be one of these large pepper sprays.

Many burglaries involve more than one perpetrator, for example. This is more likely a three-person operation, as the aim is to cart away as many valuables as possible in as little time as necessary. If it were a question of using pepper spray vs gun home defense would be better with the former. It can hit multiple attackers in one sweeping motion, and the house residents will not be killed or injured irreversibly during the mayhem.

Not all one-pound pepper sprays are made equal, for sure. You could say the WildFire Fire Master 18% Pepper Spray is out of the ordinary because it is more potent and hotter. Unlike regular 10% pepper sprays, WildFire uses an 18% dose of OC (oleoresin capsicum, the incapacitating content in pepper spray). This translates to 3 million heat units in the Scoville scale (which measures spicy heat in peppers and other food), while 10% OC has 1 to 2 million. The Red Savina habanero, which can exceed 500,000 Scoville heat units, pales in comparison.

Storing pepper spray in car and house hiding places is an excellent strategy if the spray in question is a pound of this scary-hot, police-strength pepper spray. Still, it is a non-flammable formulation using pure, food-grade peppers and pressurized with CO2, with a non-toxic vegetable dye thrown in. The police use the marking dye to ID the sprayed suspect after the incident has ended.

WildFire is proudly made in the USA. The WildFire 1 lb. FireMaster makes a reliable home pepper spray and also car pepper spray. You can use it to empty 38 one-second bursts onto assailants from a safe 20 feet away. Pepper spray is non-lethal, but they will need to survive an awful burning pain, erratic breathing, nonstop coughing, the dripping of tears and mucus, and eyes that are swollen shut.

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