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WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Red

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The WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Red has been proven to be the hottest pepper spray by independent laboratory testing.(SHU).

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Red vs. Incidents

A marvelous repellent spray for virtually any female to hold so that she could handle any incident is the WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Red. With its scope of six to eight feet, she's guaranteed to hit her mark without requiring being too near them.

Each one-half ounce unit provides some 6 to 10 one-second blasts of the pepper deterrent. Plus, it comes complete with a key chain, belt clip, along with safety lock, so she won't have to worry about deploying it erroneously when she's putting it in her purse or pocket.

Its tiny size renders it suitable for a purse, pocket, desk drawer, glove box, as well as other locations where she may wish to carry the repellent spray to keep it on the ready. This pepper deterrent is graded at 3 to 4 million Scoville heat units.

It's certain to stop any aggressor in their tracks. The moment that it hits, their eyes will begin to tear up and collapse, their skin will burn, plus their mucous membranes will scorch and raise at the same time.

All of that grants the intended victim plenty of time to flee. In most cases, it would incapacitate the would-be aggressor from five to 45 minutes. That's sufficient time to step somewhere more shielded and acquire some assistance.

For instance, you may have the officers of the law hold up the aggressor as well as put them in confinement. You will have its entire scope wherein to do all of these before the aggressor can run after you once more.

The WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Red is affordably priced at under $10. You're more than likely to want a number of this defense repellent to keep on hand for emergency events. No woman should do without such a good tool for personal security.

Even though you can avail yourself of this defensive spray in red, it is accessible instantly in three other shades. That is, its injection-molded holster is accessible as well in the blue, pink, plus black shades.

A whole load of females love a wonderful WildFire defense repellent in the color red, though. Once received, it's wise to learn precisely how it operates and discover ways to pull the safety switch off. A crisis situation isn't the best period in which to understand this.

This defensive spray is the ultimate for every women, or everyone at all, who works through the night and must go back and forth their vehicle or possibly a bus stop. It is noteworthy for single women to hold within their homes for self-protection.

In truth, teen girls themselves should figure out how to apply such an OC deterrent and protect themselves properly. They could hold the deterrent spray in their pocket, purse, wallet, handbag, or little evening bag.

It is, of course, important to understand that the laws range between states in America. Make sure to find out what the legal requirements in your distinct state are before you buy the WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Red. You'll desire to be in full compliance of the law should there be a scenario to ensure you're not the one at fault.

Available in red, blue, pink and black

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