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WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Black

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The WildFire 1/2 oz Pepper Spray - Black has been proven to be the hottest pepper spray by independent laboratory testing.(SHU).

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Black Anti Cruelty

If you are looking for a good non-lethal personal security gadget, the WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray - Black is a terrific choice to be had. Defensive sprays like it are anti hostility plus cruelty, and this one is priced cost-effectively at under $10.

With its half an ounce of pepper deterrent, you will have six to ten shots designed for your individual usage. Now, it has a span of six to eight feet so you're guaranteed to appreciate that you don't need to be too terribly near a hoodlum to deploy your spray.

It's simple and speedy, plus it just takes a quick one-second squirt to apply it to them. After you have sprayed the hoodlum, you will get from five to 55 minutes to evade them and be at another location away from violence.

You could then alert the appropriate authorities and acquire the support that you require. They would be capable of arresting the hoodlum and putting this hoodlum in the slammer. Everyone could safely make use of the defensive spray.

Since it's non-lethal, you won't need to bother about injuring any hoodlum fatally. It comes detailed with a key chain plus a belt clip so it could be everywhere along with you. There is further a safety lock so that you won't deploy it out of the blue while not intending to.

This pepper deterrent furnishes its own unique casing, which is a colored injection-molded poly holster. And this casing is not merely accessible in the color black. You could avail yourself of it, too, in pink, red, or blue.

Obtainable in any or all of four colors, it is trouble-free to stash inside a wallet, purse, plus handbag, or within a glove box, gym locker, desk drawer, or simply in a key ring. In all of these locations and more, this repellent spray would grant you superior self-defense.

It may be the hottest defense deterrent there is and is an optimal non-lethal means of protection. The WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Black supplies Scoville heat units of 3 to 4 million of a law enforcement grade repellent spray.

Provide it as a gift to any and all of your lady pals as well as your work buddies. They will appreciate the fact that you spent the time to take into account giving them a present that could save their lives.

Any person who works nights, the graveyard shift, or a swing shift, or possibly is doing work in a region that might be highly dangerous must have numerous duplicates of this defense deterrent readily available.

Continually be on your guard for assailants plus other criminals. Maintain one of your sprays at the ready when you are traveling, specifically if traveling in or through risky locations as well as in or through the wee hours.

It is genuinely pain-free to purchase this OC repellent online at the Website of Revere Security. Once you've received your brand-new spray, do familiarize yourself with it. Avoid having it used against you by hoodlums.

The WildFire ½ oz. Pepper Spray – Black is an exceptional choice in personal self-defense, and it's truly economical at that.

Available in red, blue, pink and black

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