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Wildfire 1/2 oz Leatherette Holster - Pink

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The Wildfire 18% 1/2 oz Pink Leatherette Holster with Quick Release Key Chain Pepper Spray is hot, hot, hot.

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Leatherette Holster – Pink during Spite

Do you always have to come home late at night? Are you scared of going home on late hours? The WildFire ½ oz. Leatherette Holster – Pink is a helpful device that a person can employ in case of an assault.

Because not everyone is capable of fighting for themselves during viciousness and spite out there, tools like defense repellents would be useful in such situations. It is a must-have for people who want to feel safe wherever they are.

Deterrent sprays are widely used by the public for self-defense. Unlike guns, you won't have to take special training to utilize these devices. This WildFire half-ounce pink spray is an example that you can bring around every day without worrying about licenses or training procedures before you can apply it.

What's good about this defense repellent is that it is very light and tiny enough to be a key ring. As a matter of fact, it does have a Quick Key Release key chain. You can put in your pocket or purse in case a robber asks for your money.

Having this kind of self-defense device with you will save you from possible assaults. It is, correspondingly, very inexpensive. Instead of buying a gun that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, why not opt for this safer and cheaper device?

Deterrent sprays are important, and learning how these can help you in attacks will make a big difference in your life. There are a lot of people in this world who will take advantage of you. That's why it is better to keep yourself protected.

The WildFire ½ oz. Leatherette Holster – Pink contains 18% of oleoresin capsicum or OC. This substance is formulated to take effect immediately, which will give you time to shake off a goon.

OC is an inflammatory agent that will make a person's eyes shut. Even if the goon tries to open their eyes, they wouldn't be able to see because the formula causes temporary blindness by dilating the capillaries of the goon.

It would also be very useful for you to know that it can cause uncontrollable coughing to the goon as the formula gives inflammation to their breathing tissues. The effects of OC can last for 50 minutes.

That fact is important for you to know so you can moreover take care of the OC deterrent correctly. Do not let little children play with it to prevent unnecessary accidents.

It is manufactured in only ½ oz., which makes it truly convenient for people who are always on the go or walking in the streets because you can put it anywhere. Having 5 one-second spurts, this defensive spray is likewise great for long-distance attacks because its span can reach up to 8 feet away from you.

OC deterrents are great gadgets for self-defense. There are a lot being sold on the market now, but the WildFire ½ oz. Leatherette Holster – Pink is very recommendable for people who want to have more security without carrying a heavier or larger defensive spray in their bags.

This pepper repellent is similarly available in a shade of red, blue, or black.

 Available in 4 colors: black, blue, red, pink

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