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Wildfire 1/2 oz Fashion Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray Leopard Black & Purple

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Wildfire 1/2 oz fashion leatherette holster and Quick Release Key Chain pepper spray in leopard black and purple print.

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Fashion Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray Leopard Black & Purple

For men and women alike, safety is an integral concern in the modern world. Whether you are the resident of an urban or a rural community, you must take every measure possible to prepare for any eventuality. The WildFire ½ oz. Fashion Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray Leopard Black & Purple is certainly one tool you can put in your safety arsenal to help you out!

It is possible to fasten it to your key chain, belt loop, or elsewhere that may be convenient. It is swift and problem-free to open the flip-top snap and then release the half-ounce of defensive spray contained inside.

Meanwhile, you may go about your day not worrying about getting an unsightly container hanging out of your bag. The reason is that this spray’s fashionable holster is produced in an attractive model of black and purple.

These two hues look fantastic together for day and night outings. Whether you are planning to check out the gym, work, or go out on the town together with your friends, this attractive accessory will undoubtedly increase the stylish accessories you have chosen for that activity.

You could moreover get the same leatherette holder in the hues of black and orange plus black and white.

The key chain itself carries a Quick Key Release on it so that you can remove it without trouble from the spot where you have affixed it. This sturdy plastic clip will reattach both units, and you can even practice the motion, making it simpler for you to execute in cases where you encounter a goon.

The WildFire ½ oz. Fashion Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray Leopard Black & Purple is a whopping 18 percent oleoresin capsicum. It will provide unbelievable heat that will let the goon know you mean business. The half-ounce of liquid measures 3 to 4 million Scoville heat units, which will be quite beneficial.

The extent of the spray is until around eight feet, so that you don't require delaying until the goon gets close prior to activating it. By utilizing a full five one-second’s worth of spray, you can zap two assailants if you apply it carefully!

When security is an issue, you will then have that extent in which to bolt away from the goon plus move to safer whereabouts. And by engaging the local cops, you could have them detained and then imprisoned.

The belt clip and key chain of this OC repellent let you bring it together with you regardless of where the day goes. All of the pieces on it are supplied to high standards.

Crime happens everywhere, and in certain places a lot more than in others. More often than not, when folks fall victim to muggings plus similar personal crimes, it is nearby the places where they normally journey.

In close proximity to work, home, or over a regular route, those are the places where you might be most vulnerablein relation to facing a goon. You ought to be properly prepared by having the WildFire ½ oz. Fashion Leatherette Holster Pepper Spray Leopard Black & Purple with you!

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