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Wildfire 1/2 oz Black and Pink Fashion Cheetah Leatherette Holster

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Wildfire 1/2 oz Black and Pink Cheetah Fashion Leatherette Holster with Quick Release Key Chain is hot, hot, hot.

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Detailed Description

WildFire ½ oz. Black and Pink Fashion Cheetah Leatherette Holster

A uniquely designed and well-packaged repellent spray is the WildFire ½ oz. Black and Pink Fashion Cheetah Leatherette Holster. This very reliable non-lethal self-defense weapon is suitable for anyone who wishes to feel safe and secure at all times.

If you have been looking for the perfect personal protection tool to keep you and your loved ones secure and safe, this half-ounce 18% pepper deterrent is definitely the right pick. Here is a brief description of some of the key features it has to offer as well as how best to utilize it.

As the name suggests, the WildFire ½ ounce 18% repellent spray comes with its own unique leatherette holder. This unique holder is camouflaged with a cheetah print that makes the gadget both stylish and fashionable.

The outward appearance of this gadget is designed to blend in with a wide range of attires that people wear. An animal print leatherette holster can easily be mistaken for a trendy fashion accessory.

Apart from the packaging, this pepper deterrent has some other innovative features under its sleeves, too. The gadget itself is multicolored, with black/pink cheetah being the colors of choice. These color choices are very likable and also go well with a wide range of attires and looks.

There is no need to worry if black and pink are not your colors. You can also get this awesome deterrent spray in black/white cheetah and black/yellow cheetah variants. All these variants come with the same trendy cheetah print to maintain camouflage.

The WildFire ½ oz. Black and Pink Fashion Cheetah Leatherette Holster comes filled with oleoresin capsicum. OC repellent is known to be more effective than all other types of deterrent sprays out there these days.

In this case, the OC in the defensive spray is derived from more than 3 million Scoville heat units (SHU). It is released instantly in 5 one-second squirts for maximum speed and efficiency during self-defense. Moreover, the spray causes instant irritation and inflammation to the eyes of the aggressor or intruder.

Another key feature of this OC repellent device is its Quick Key Release key chain. This specially crafted key chain allows for rapid response when confronted by danger. You cannot afford to waste any time when you are being attacked by an aggressive force.

Being able to access your self-defense apparatus in a quick manner is very important indeed. The quick release mechanism allows you to get this deterrent spray in your hand within a matter of seconds.

Apart from the Quick Key Release key chain, you also get other support accessories such as a belt clip and an injection-molded leatherette poly holster. Again, the leatherette holster helps to keep the defense repellent gadget safe and secure at all times.

Whenever you are confronted by danger, you can make use of the WildFire ½ oz. Black and Pink Fashion Cheetah Leatherette Holster to deter and incapacitate the thug from up to 8 feet away. This means that you do not even have to be so close to the person who is posing the threat for the defense repellent to work.

 Available in 3 colors: black/yellow cheetah, black/white cheetah, black/pink cheetah

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