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Water Overflow Sensor Attachment

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The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment easily connects to the PAL-1 or PAL-1LIGHT.

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Detailed Description

Overflow and High Water Sensor Alarm Attachment

Having a non-lethal personal alarm that can stop a thief or burglar from stealing your valuables is far better than having to confront them. However, did you know that the Personal Alarm unit can also function as a high water sensor alarm?

Personal alarms are either electronic or aerosol devices that emit a loud sound that will stun or scare off a criminal while also alerting other people to help you. This makes them very useful in protecting your luggage while traveling or to alert you when a burglar is breaking into your house or hotel room.

The Water Overflow Sensor Attachment is a simple addition that warns you if there is a flooding concern. You never know when the basement start flooding or if the water in the bathtub is overflowing. With this water level sensor with alarm, you’ll know before the problem gets worse.

Most water sensor alarm reviews will point out how simple and convenient this water sensor attachment is to use. All you have to do is attach one end to your portable personal alarm and let the other end dangle to the height. Once water builds up and reaches that end, the alarm will sound off.

Also included is a suction cup that will make it easier to use this and the Personal Alarm in large areas like on a swimming pool wall or basement wall. The suction cup is designed to be compatible with the Personal Alarm so you won’t need to look for any additional tools to put one and one together.

You won’t run into issues in attaching this water level sensor because the process is as simple as plugging in the jack to the personal alarm. There are no installation procedures or coding required, which ensures it can be used by just about everyone.

It is important to note that while this home water sensor alarm attachment may work with the majority of home alarms, it is specifically best when used with the 130dB Alarm with Door Alarm (PAL-1) or the 3 in 1 130dB Personal Alarm with Light (PAL-1LIGHT).

These alarms emit a loud sound that is as loud as a jet engine or a gunshot, ensuring you and your neighbors will hear it. This ensures you’ll be aware of a flooding incident before it becomes too much to handle.

These two devices are designed to alert you and others around you if a thief is trying to take your bag and other belongings or if burglars are breaking into your home. All you need to do is place the main unit on your belt or beside the door and then keep the handle attached to the door or in your bag. When that handled is pulled, it triggers the sound alarm.

Both alarms are designed to be simple to use even for kids and the elderly due to its quick button-function and design. The only difference is that the latter has a built-in LED flashlight, which can be used to surprise a thief or attacker, and it can be used to help find the unit in a flooded room.

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