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Water Bottle Diversion Safe

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The Water Bottle Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything is in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Diversion Safe Water Bottle to Protect Your Valuables

There are various ways that you can save your valuable things from detriment. Some of the devises that can help you do so are safes. An example is the diversion safe water bottle that will be able to protect those valuables inside plus outside the home.

The Water Bottle Diversion Safe can keep your belongings secure against robbers, pickpockets, shoplifters, and other kinds of thieves. It may be utilized in a load of spaces that are out of your house, such as a park, a bus stop, or a different city.

There are numerous protective safes that can be used not only in the home but outside. These include those inside drink and snack cans, just like Dr. Pepper plus Spaghetti’Os. Others are inside personal care items such as Brut or Aquanet Hairspray.

One such safe that can be utilized out there at any time is this bottled water diversion safe. On a bar, in a train, on the streets, or in somebody else’s house, it will go where you go. It is one of the best places where to hide anything in plain sight.

A ton of defensive safes that are mostly for the home may also be used in the workplace, gym, or spa. These include household product safes like the Love My Carpet Deodorizer safe or the Closet Light safe. And then, of course, the Water Bottle Diversion Safe is awesome for those places, too.

All of our diversion safes are indistinguishable from the authentic products both by look and by feel. As well, they are all weighted so that they would feel full. Because of each of these factors, our bottle stash safe is seen as just an ordinary type of water bottle.

In actuality, this water bottle is empty when it comes to you. And you only need to fill it up as well as push its cap on before utilizing the safe that hides inside. That cap is shipped inside the safe when the actual bottle turns up to your doorstep.

Every water bottle hidden safe has a top or a bottom that may be screwed off. Inside it is adequate space where you can hide your serious belongings so that no thief will be able to find those.

The interiors of the safe here have these dimensions: 3 ½ inches in width and 2 ½ inches in depth. It looks from outside like most other water bottles out there. No one will recognize that there is a safe inside.

Furthermore, in your house, this Water Bottle Diversion Safe may be used in many different spaces. Foremost of those places are the kitchen and the dining room, where it can go in the cabinets, behind the cans plus groceries, on the table, with pots and utensils, inside or on the refrigerator, and near the dishwasher.

Water bottles may be found wherever people are in a house. These encompass as well the living area, garage, bedrooms, and terrace. The water bottle protective safe can be situated besides tools and toys, where the rags or carpets are, on the side of books or magazines, plus close to the lamp.

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