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Watch Hidden Camera with DVR

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The Watch Hidden Camera with DVR is a state-of-the-art complete surveillance system.

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Hidden Camera Wrist Watch with DVR

Some situations that need to be monitored do not just happen in a single location. That would be a problem with stationary hidden cameras: a single location is all that's captured. If the subject or the event being captured moves, there is no way for a camera disguised as a wall clock, fan, or mirror to follow. Potentially important details will be lost, leaving the collection of evidence incomplete, and therefore, inconsistent. This is when a hidden camera wrist watch (with audio recording capability) becomes useful. It might be the best way to gather evidence and information with the subtlety of a professional clandestine agency.

This Watch Hidden Camera with DVR is a body-worn camera that allows you to act like a spy without looking like one. You can just wear it on your wrist and collect audio and video evidence without raising any suspicion or alarm. How? Despite its ability to capture both words and actions, it also looks and works like an ordinary wristwatch.

Outside of security and surveillance, this wrist watch spy hidden camera is also useful for pro athletes and/or sports enthusiasts who want to capture the game from a truly unique perspective. Whether you need to conduct surveillance or record yourself doing a stunt, or are just a gadget geek who appreciates body-worn visual surveillance, the Watch Hidden Camera with Built-in DVR is for you.

When you put a hidden camera inside watch parts that work, you end up with a discreet surveillance device that is infinitely useful. As a bonus, this spy camera doubles as a fashion accessory that can look good with different outfits for different occasions.

The power source for everything (watch, camera, and microphone) is a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a 270 mAH capacity and a working current of 200 mA. It can last for 2 hours on a single full charge, which takes about 2 to 3 hours. Battery support time is about 1 hour. You can charge it through the USB adaptor cable, which can also be used to access the footage via computer (works on Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP/VISTA/Win 7). No additional software needs to be installed before you can access your files.

The camera itself features a 1/6-inch color CMOS (300,000 pixels) with a viewing angle of 50 degrees. It can take JPG photos in 720x480 resolution and AVI videos in 1280x960 resolution at 15 FPS. Depending on the audio that accompanies the recording, each minute of video takes about 6 to 8MB of space on the built-in 4GB memory.

While small hidden cameras do not typically come with complete surveillance systems, the Watch Hidden Camera with Video is an exception. Despite its capabilities, this surveillance camera with a built-in DVR is plug and play, which means it works without any installation. Once you take it out of the box, you will be able to start recording.

This wrist watch with hidden camera and sound recording capability is not water-resistant. It weighs a mere 220 grams.