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Wall Socket Diversion Safe

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The Wall Socket Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Diversion Hidden Fake Wall Outlet Safe Invisible to Thieves

Any burglar that breaks into your home will most likely look for cash or jewelry in your closet or drawers but never even give a second glance at the electrical wall socket where you plug in your TV. What they will never know is that it is in fact a hidden fake wall outlet safe hiding all your valuables in plain sight.

Looking at the Wall Socket Diversion Safe and even you would think it looks like a real wall power outlet. It is designed to look exactly like the typical wall socket you would find in any home or office, which makes it appear insignificant and easy to ignore. However, it has a hidden compartment to hide your valuables.

This hidden wall safe – looks like an ordinary outlet – contains two sockets, which is the average number in most wall sockets. It also comes with instructions to show you how to create a perfect hole in the wall so that this covert safe can snugly fit in and look natural.

What makes this the best hidden wall safe is the fact it goes beyond just looking like the real deal. You can plug a real TV or lamp into its sockets. The TV won’t turn on but it will at least appear like the wall socket is being used instead of just being a suspicious piece of the wall.

The disguise is just one half of its hidden wall safe plans. The other half is its hidden compartment. All in all, its interiors measure 2 3/16 x 2 x 5, which is more than enough space to hide cash, credit cards, car keys, folded documents, and jewelry such as necklaces, diamond rings, or watches.

Even if a burglar were to get slightly suspicious, they would still never be able to gain access. The screw in the middle is not just there for decoration as it is in fact a special lock that keeps the safe accessible only to you. This guarantees no one else can open the hidden safe as you are the only one with the special key.

Because of its design, you can place this hidden safe anywhere you want. You can install it in your room or the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or garage. Most burglars spend roughly 8 minutes in a house, and the majority of that time is in the bedroom, so it is advisable to install this safe in a different room.

Installing this in the bathroom wall will pretty much guarantee no thief will ever see it. You can even hide it further by installing it in your living room wall, right behind a couch or book shelf, completely keeping it out of sight.

You can also use other types of disguised safes such as can safes that are meant to resemble canned food, engine oil, or even a can of paint. Other hidden safes are designed to look like heavy books, wall clocks, or stone decorations, allowing you to hide cash, weapons and others in spots a thief would never even care to look at.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 2 3/16 x 2 x 5

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