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Voice Alert Transmitter

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VOICE ALERT SYSTEM-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR (passive Infra-red motion detector) sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/ speaker base unit.

SKU: VA-6000T


Detailed Description

Voice Alert System-6 Wireless Annunciator Alarm Sensor Transmitter

What is better than a home alarm system that uses loud distress noises to notify you of intruders? The answer is the Home Alarm System known as Voice Alert System-6, part of which is this Voice Alert System-6 wireless annunciator. Instead of distress and alarm noises, this system allows your own recorded voice to be used as the notifying audio that tells you when and where an intruder has breached your property.

You can use the Voice Alert System’s base unit to program your own voice and assign a particular message to each Voice Alert Transmitter that is connected to the base unit. You can do this for up to 6 Transmitters, every one of which is a wireless PIR or Passive Infrared motion detector. Upon detecting motion, that is when it sends a signal to the speaker or base unit to play your recorded message. So instead of hearing an alarm noise and having to guess where on your property the noise is coming from, you can actually just record yourself saying the exact place where you have mounted your transmitter.

For instance, if the transmitter that you placed near the gate that leads to your backyard detects movement, you can program the speaker to play a message that says, “gate: backyard”, instantly telling you that there is movement in that area. It takes the guesswork out of using alarm systems. It is even useful for non-emergency or non-security purposes. If you live in a home with sick or elderly people, the transmitters can be used to notify you whenever they are on the move, allowing you to better look after them.

This product is the wireless sensor transmitter for the Voice Alert Security System-6, the only way to create a customized big voice alert system for your own home. This unit is designed to stand up to all types of weather, which means that you can install it anywhere you want to, even outdoors. Its adjustable mounting, sensitivity, and different beam patterns will enable each transmitter to adapt to any location it’s mounted in.

If you live in a big house, it is not a problem. Each Voice Alert Wireless Sensor Transmitter can send signals to the base unit through walls for up to 300 feet, and in open space, they can be 1,000 feet away from the base unit and still work normally. You can check out Voice Alert wireless monitoring system reviews to confirm this. Additionally, at 4 1/4” in length, 2 ½” wide, and 3” thick, it is easy to mount these transmitters in discrete locations where burglars and home invaders won’t be able to notice nor avoid them.

Voice alert systems, home alarms, and security alarms aren’t just for keeping criminals away or alerting you to their presence. While crime prevention is perhaps their primary purpose, these home protection products also have applications in flood, smoke, CO2, and fire detection. Yes, certain beam configurations can allow a Voice Alert System Transmitter to warn you against flooding. It just depends on where and how you mount and program the transmitters.

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