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Voice Alert Transmitter (Waterproof Enclosure)

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The Voice Alert Transmitter (Waterproof Enclosure Vibration Switch) connect to sensing devices such as smoke alarms, motion and CO detectors, window/gate/door contacts, door bells, water level indicators or pressure pads.

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Voice Alert Wireless Sensor Transmitter with a Waterproof Enclosure

Having a home alarm system that uses custom messages that you record can be of great help. Just by the message that plays out, you will be able to know which transmitter was triggered. With this Voice Alert Wireless Sensor Transmitter, you can now expand that territory covered to the areas outside your home.

The Voice Alert Transmitter (Waterproof Enclosure) is designed to work with the main Voice Alert receiver/speaker base. Once something triggers this transmitter, it will send a signal to the receiver unit, which will then make it play a specific alert message. You can have different messages play for each transmitter.

Most Voice Alert wireless alarm system reviews praise it for its versatility and convenience, but the truth is its capabilities go beyond that. Because of its use of custom messages, you will know if an invader is breaking in through the backdoor or if your toddler is getting too close to the stairs.

However, the included transmitter is mainly used for indoor security. If you want to take things outside, such as monitoring your driveway, the garden, or the perimeter of your house, then you will need these outdoor, weatherproof Voice Alert home alarm system transmitters.

The waterproof case is built to protect the unit and its conjoining device from the rain, snow, and changing temperature. It can be connected to most motion detectors, smoke alarms, CO detectors, door bells, water level sensors, door or window alarms, and even pressure pads.

Thieves and burglars will not be able to tamper with it because it comes with its own vibration switch. If a burglar attempts to pry it open or tamper with its wirings, it will instantly sense this and trigger the receiver unit to sound off the alarm.

Because it is weatherproof, you can now place the transmitter to watch over your garden, your driveway, or by the posts outside your home to monitor backdoors or attic windows. Even if it rains or gets really hot outside, the unit won’t break and maintenance will be kept down to a minimum.

The transmitter unit is also very easy to keep out of sight due to its small size. It measures 3 7/8 inches x 1 1/2 inches, making it very easy to place behind your bushes or a trees, or hidden up by the roof. Even if you keep it out in the open, it is unlikely a burglar will see it. If they do, they might just mistake it as a power fuse box.

Another reason to avail of this Transmitter for the Voice Alert System for sale is because it does not just work for the Voice Alert but also because it works well in conjunction with the VA-6000T transmitter, which is the more commonly used transmitter for indoor use.

Having a home security alarm system that uses custom messages allows you to know what kind of emergency is happening and where it is happening around your home or business. These outdoor security alarm transmitters now give you a wider range of protection and they can work in tandem with the indoor units.

Dimensions 3 7/8 x 1 1/2