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Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray

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Protect yourself from evil, use the Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray with a touch of garlic.

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Detailed Description

Vampire Repellent 1/2 oz. Garlic Cayenne Pepper Spray

The benefit of a garlic cayenne pepper spray is quite simple. It uses the regular formula of OC pepper spray, but at the same time, throws garlic into the mix. Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray introduces another variable that is not OC but can produce similar effects, thereby strengthening the mix's overall effect on a person. It also ensures that anyone who has a natural resistance to OC pepper spray will still be stung by the garlic.

While such individuals are rare, it is possible that some criminals will not respond to pepper spray in the same way as all of us. How exactly will most people respond to OC pepper spray? The effects can be varied but they basically lead to incapacitation. It takes a second to feel the burning when the chemical makes contact with your skin and your eyes, and the extreme pain forces your body into defense mode. Out of your control, your eyelids will shut close.

Unless you have experienced it before, or have trained for being sprayed with OC pepper spray, you will most likely panic. In order to further defend itself, your body prompts your mucous membranes to try and expel any OC that got into your mouth or nose, producing lots of mucous. Your tear glands will react in the same way and work overtime. You might even vomit from the shock or pain or to get rid of ingested OC spray. Even if it is a non-lethal weapon, the intensity of OC pepper spray is staggering.

All of this leads to utter incapacitation, and it is why OC pepper spray should only be used against those who seek to either rob you or do you harm. Double-action pepper sprays like this Vampire Repellent ½ oz. Pepper Spray with Garlic can be even more intense, and should therefore be treated with care. Not only can it defend you against street criminals, it’s also the best weapon for taking on even the most dangerous creatures of the night. It is the perfect addition to any standard professional vampire repellent kit.

Additionally, garlic hot pepper spray is made up of organic plant-extracted chemicals. This ensures that while fully intense and immobilizing, the effects of the chemical won’t be permanent. It is a relatively humane way of dealing with street criminals, any one of which is a potential robber, rapist, and/or murderer. As a bonus, the smell of garlic on a sprayed criminal can later help to confirm his identity, even if he is found by the authorities only a couple of hours after the incident.

Don’t bother learning how to make garlic pepper spray. Just get this professionally concocted ½ oz. Vampire Repellent Pepper Spray with Garlic. The chemical is also conveniently contained in an undetectable portable mini pepper spray container. With touchable orientation guides like the clip and the spray tab itself, you can very easily retrieve, aim, and fire this device even in the dark. Not only are these mini pepper sprays concealable, they were also designed with tactical deployment in mind. Criminals and vampires, beware!

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