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Unarmed Combat Course DVD - Frank Cucci

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Frank Cucci - Spent 12 years as a Navy SEAL (including four years in SEAL Team Six), the most elite division in the SEALS - the guys who always get the juiciest and toughest assignments.

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Detailed Description

Unarmed Combat Course - Frank Cucci Unarmed Combat Training Videos

You may one day find yourself in a situation where attackers surround you and you don’t have a knife or TASER with you. You will have to rely solely on unarmed self-defense skills to fight back and survive. You can learn and master those techniques with this unarmed combat training videos by Frank Cucci.

The Unarmed Combat Course DVD by Frank Cucci is an hour and thirty-five minutes long and it contains all the information you will need to learn and master the techniques needed to properly defend yourself in any situation, whether from home invaders or from rapists in a dark alley.

Looking up self defense video reviews and you’ll discover that the main complaint about most DVDs is that their content is mostly geared for seasonal martial artists. Cucci’s strategy fixes this by using real self defense videos designed to benefit amateurs and experts alike.

Each unarmed combat techniques video in this DVD is demonstrated so that beginners can easily grasp how they are executed. Tips are added in for experts so they can learn how to further manipulate each technique. Because of this format, a beginner can master a technique with very little training needed.

This makes it perfect for people too busy to take martial arts classes or have no desire to make martial arts a life-long part of their career. Most people just need the basics so that they can defend themselves when attacked and this DVD set focuses on those techniques.

Cucci’s techniques also require minimal athletic prowess, which guarantees even people who don’t go to the gym can make good use of them. Women, children, and even elder people can use these techniques to properly defend themselves, even when facing multiple opponents or opponents with weapons.

All of the techniques have also been tested time and time again to guarantee they have a high consistency rate for success. After all, there’d be no point teaching self-defense techniques if there is a chance you won’t pull it off right or if opponents have a wide opportunity to counter it.

Because you can watch these videos over and over again until you’ve mastered them, the DVD set of videos is actually significantly more affordable than having to pay for tuition at a dojo, buying uniforms, and paying for gym membership. These videos are all you’ll need to equip yourself with the fighting skills to stay safe.

But why trust Frank Cucci? He served the US Navy SEALS for a total of 12 years and this includes four years in SEAL Team Six, the most hardcore of the SEALS teams. His experience going through the toughest of situations have made him an expert on unarmed self-defense. You know his techniques are perfect because he himself relied on them during his missions.

If you’re a student who wants to fend of bullies, a teenage girl afraid of being raped, or a father who wants to keep his family safe from burglars, then this is the perfect way to learn how. Videos are concise, clear, and easy to understand. You’ll be a self-defense expert in no time.

Total Run Time: 1 Hr 55 Min

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