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Throwing Stars

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Mini Professional Edged Steel Edged Throwing Stars

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Detailed Description

Steel Mini Ninja Throwing Stars Professional Edged Shuriken

Not all self-defense weapons are meant to take down your attacker. Some can be used as distraction tools to allow you to safely get away and call for help from the authorities. Throwing stars professional edge are great examples as they can achieve both results and they do it quietly and from a distance.

Throwing Stars are small, bladed, and very dangerous when used properly. Properly known as a shuriken, they have been in use by the Japanese since the era of the Three-Way War roughly one thousand years ago. They’re still popular today, and you’ve probably seen shuriken in TV and movies.

But do throwing stars work? They are highly effective but not in the way mostly portrayed in films. Shuriken are not often used as killing weapons and are instead highly useful as distractions. If someone is trying to mug you, all you have to do is throw a shuriken at their face and run for safety.

There are many kinds of shuriken. Bo-shuriken resemble darts while hira-shuriken resemble flat-edged blades. Shaken is the Japanese term for the more popular kind of hira-shuriken, the one shaped like a star. Shaken can have as little as three points but many go up to ten.

These professional throwing stars for sale are modern forms of the shaken. They utilize real blades, which can cut and dig into the skin of an attacker. Because these are professional edge shaken instead of practice shaken with dull edges, it is important to take time to practice using them.

Watching a throwing ninja stars video tutorial will help you realize that throwing stars can be used in a multitude of ways. You can throw them at an attacker to distract them, confuse them, or outright hurt them. You can use them as caltrops on the ground, causing your attacker to step on them.

Other methods include using the throwing star as a melee weapon but this should only be done when there’s nowhere left to go and you haven’t the space needed in order to throw it properly. Other tutorial videos will reveal that you can mix using a throwing star with other non-lethal weapons like pepper sprays or TASERs.

However, using throwing stars is a lot more complex than using a pepper spray. The art of mastering the use of throwing stars is referred to as Shurikenjutsu, and these martial arts have survived all the way from the days of ancient Japan and the time of the Shogunate, the time of the Samurai.

You get a total of 4 Mini Professional Edged Steel Throwing Stars in this package and they also come with a foldable carrying case. The carrying case carries all four conveniently, each in its own pocket, and when folded, it looks like an ordinary wallet pouch that you can clip to your belt or bag strap.

Ranged weapons such as these throwing stars are very excellent choices for self-defense. They are silent, so you can take out or distract an attacker without them noticing your location, and they can be used from a significant distance, lowering the risk of you getting in harm’s way.

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