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Thermometer Diversion Safe

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The Thermometer Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Detailed Description

Wall-Mounted Diversion Mercury Thermometer Safe against Theft

Believe it or not but burglars do not actually spend that much time in a person’s home. They will spend less than ten minutes, so why not put things in your favor and keep your valuables out of sight by hiding them right in front of their eyes. You can achieve that with this mercury thermometer safe.

The Thermometer Diversion Safe looks and even works like a real thermometer, but it is in fact a safe that can be used to hide special keys and other valuables like cash, credit cards, and jewelry. You can put this on the wall for all burglars to see, and they will simply ignore it, spending their time looking for a conventional safe or box.

This diversion wall safe looks like any ordinary thermometer you would find at a house or clinic. It has a mercury meter in the middle with both Celsius and Fahrenheit labels at each side. It accurately tells the temperature, too, so if a burglar were to look at it, they would be completely fooled into thinking that’s all there is.

Only you will be aware that the back end slides down to reveal a hollow space where you can hide your valuables. These interiors measure 1 11/16 inches x 6 inches, which is more than enough space to hide credit cards, watches, and more. It even has two hooks for you to conveniently hang your keys.

Using a key safe disguised as a thermometer is actually more effective than a metal safe with a combination lock. Metal safes might be hard to crack open but they are obvious targets. A thermometer diversion key safe will be seen out in the open, but it will be completely ignored.

A burglar will only spend a few minutes and they won’t waste that precious time looking at a thermometer. They will be looking into your closets, drawers, boxes, and underneath your bed for cash or gadgets. They might see the thermometer in your living room but they will never pay attention to it.

Since this is a thermometer it is best to hide it in plain sight, meaning you should hang it on the wall in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen. These are rooms where a thermometer will fit in and blend with the rest of your furniture and décor. Keeping it in your bedroom drawer will make it suspicious.

There are also other types of home safes in case this thermometer is not enough. You can also avail of book safes and diversion safes disguised as air fresheners or canned food. Keeping them underneath the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or even in your refrigerator will keep your valuables away from thieves.

Also keep in mind that you should use this diversion safe even during the day. Many burglars break in when people are out for school or work, so just because there is daylight, don’t get too confident about home security. Hide your car keys, extra credit cards, and cash savings here so they won’t be stolen while you’re out of the house.

Interior Safe Dimensions: 1 11/16 x 6

This Diversion Safe also has two hooks to hang keys.

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