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The Pink Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun

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The Pink Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation and lifetime warranty.

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Detailed Description

The Pink Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun

When it comes to safety, owning a stun gun is one of the best steps that a person can take. It is a non-lethal weapon that allows someone to take their self-defense into their own hands. In that respect, The Pink Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun is one of the best that you can own. If you would like to consider purchasing one, you owe it to yourself to read the points below and learn all that you can about this stun gun and its proper use plus care as a whole.

Trigger Stun Gun with Flashlight and Disable Pin

The Safety Technology TRIGGER stun gun features a whopping 18,000,000 volts or 4.8 mA of electricity. It can be used to immobilize an assailant or any other adversary. This model comes in a pink color, making it stylish and attractive, especially to women.

It also features some other useful facets, including a wrist strap with a disable pin. The disable pin inhibits your adversary from utilizing your device to strike you. The stun gun comes as well with a really bright flashlight, allowing you to illuminate the dark in order to see your surroundings. That prevents would-be attackers from being able to hide in the shadows. In addition, it is lightweight, allowing you to take it with you anywhere that you go.

Many women gravitate toward this stun gun flashlight because of its color, distinctive trigger design, and excellent features. It can be transported anywhere you are. You will be able to take it with you on your normal routine, and it can be operated usefully and conveniently either in the daytime or nighttime.

This is an excellent non-lethal weapon for self-defense that can benefit you for as long as you own it and carry it on your person wherever you go. Along with the 100-lumen flashlight, it even has built-in prongs that are rechargeable. You will be able to purchase it at a low price as it has been listed on various Websites for less than $20.

Stun Gun Flashlight Safety for the User

There are a lots of stun gun trigger safety tips that you will want to keep in mind when using a stun gun. Even though this weapon is not lethal, you need to be aware that it can be dangerous when used improperly. Because of that, you should come to grips with the safety tips below and use them whenever you can, regardless of your lifestyle or why you decided to make this purchase.

Safety Tip #1: Store It in a Safe Place

You need to be sure that you store the stun gun in a place that is safe and useful to you. That way, you will not allow it to fall into the wrong hands. If you have children, they may see it as a toy and attempt to play with it because they do not know any better. Because of this, be sure that you never have it in their sight and that whenever you come home, you always put it in a secure place, locked away so that no one can get to it except for you.

Safety Tip #2: Learn the Proper Use

Above all, you need to make sure that you understand the correct and proper way to use your stun gun. The last thing that you would ever want to do is to use it improperly and hurt yourself accidentally or someone who is not your target. Becoming comfortable and familiar with the use of this kind of device will be the best thing that you can do in terms of owning it.

Safety Tip #3: Don't Use It Unless You Need To

Finally, recognize that this weapon hurts and immobilizes people. You should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Do not utilize it in playful situations, and always gauge the situation you are dealing with in order to use it on a target that you need or want to disable.

Take these tips when you advance and shop around for this wonderful 18 million volt TRIGGER stun gun from Safety Technology. Any of its Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Green, and Zebra models is excellent to own for as long as you do your research on the product.

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