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TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm

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The TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone.

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Detailed Description

TeleSpy Motion Sensor Quiet Alarm with Auto Dialer

If you have a home security alarm system installed in your house, that is great. But what kind of alarm system is it? Does it just make a racket that’s sure to annoy the neighbors long after a burglar has left. Don’t just get any home security alarm system, get one that combines a telephone, a microphone, and a motion sensor. Not only will it make a racket to attract attention when a thief enters your home, it will call you up to tell you that there is a burglar in your house.

Security alarms typically just make a very loud noise, which is great for attracting attention, either from you or anyone else at in your home, or the neighbors. People passing by will also notice the racket. Usually in these cases, neighbors will call . But ideally, a security alarm system will go much further than merely make noise to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Combining a motion sensor with an auto dialer is the best idea for a home security alarm system. Our TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm is a great example of this kind of alarm system for the home. The motion sensor detects movement in your home and either sounds an alarm or, in this case, works with the auto dialer to inform you wherever you are.

Our TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm will tell you, even if you are out of the house and far away, that your home has been broken into.

It is a clever combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone. This is how it works: enter any phone number that you want the unit to call, and then switch on the motion sensor. If an intruder breaks into your house, the motion sensor will trigger the alarm unit to call the number that has been entered, and if you answer, you will be able to listen through the amplified microphone on the unit.

The TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm lets you determine from the safety of your remote location whether you may know the person in your house, or if it is an intruder and you need to call the cops. You can listen for about 30 seconds before the unit automatically disconnects and re-arms itself, ready to detect another person.

Our TeleSpy operates from any phone line and requires no installation. It is completely portable. There are also no monitoring fees, and no chances of having annoying false alarms.

Home protection products and home alarms are usually of the more traditional sort that merely make noise to warn people in the area. They are pretty good at preventing or discouraging burglary and forced entry but can’t match what our TeleSpy does.

This clever gadget stops intruders of any sort. There are those who are thieves and there are the more dangerous home invaders who commit acts of violence, and can be deadly.

Is your home vulnerable to intruders? Your home may be a likely target of thieves and worse criminal scum. That’s why you need our TeleSpy Motion Intruder Alarm to protect your home, no matter if you’re not in it at the moment.

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