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TASER® X26C Blade-Tech Thigh Holster

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TASER® X26C Blade-Tech Thigh Holster with Cartridge Carrier.

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Civilian TASER Thigh Holster X26 Model from Blade-Tech

The TASER® X26C is one of the best self-defense tools you can rely on because it can shock an attacker from a distance with its cartridges or it can be used as a stun gun for close-range defense. However, to ensure that you can whip up the TASER® in time during the heat of an emergency, it is advisable to have this TASER Thigh Holser X26 model by Blade-Tech.

A thigh holster is exactly what it sounds like: it allows you to effectively carry the TASER® X26C by your thigh. Most people think that keeping a weapon such as this by the waist is effective since that is how movies showcase them, but putting them on the thigh is actually quicker and easier in comparison.

Law enforcement and military personnel tend to holster their guns and non-lethal weapons such as a TASER® by their thighs since it keeps the weapon at arms’ length, ensuring it can be grabbed within a second’s notice. Remember: you will have a very short time to react, and in these moments, your weapon should be there for you.

TASER holster placement is actually more important than what people think. During an attack, you won’t have more than a few seconds to react, and in that very short time frame, you should be able to grab your weapon and point it at the enemy to make sure they know you can fire at any second.

Many people make the mistake of putting their TASER® in a backpack or other form of large bag. The main problem with this is that it makes the TASER® difficult to retrieve during an emergency. You might waste too much time searching through the bag just to get your TASER® X26C. This holster fixes that issue by keeping the X26C within reach at all times.

This particular TASER drop holster is designed specifically for the TASER® X26C, a civilian model. The TASER® X26C is designed to be slim, easy to use, but capable of firing a live cartridge from a distance and still used as a stun gun when up-close.

However, this particular holster goes one step above by adding in a TASER cartridge holster. This allows you to carry an extra cartridge for the TASER® X26C, allowing you quickly reload in case your initial fire misses, if it does not knock the attacker down or in case you are facing against multiple attackers at once.

By adding a cartridge holster, you can now easily shock an attacker, run off to safety, and immediately reload in case the attackers are still following you. Even if you do run out of extra cartridges, the TASER® X26C is designed so it can also function as a close-range stun gun, ensuring you can still defend yourself.

Also take note that there are other TASER® models such as the smaller and slimmer C2, the M26C, and the most powerful model, the TASER® X2. All four models are designed for civilians, modeled after their law enforcement counterpart, and are designed for optimal use to keep you safe without having to harm or kill someone else.