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TASER® X2 Tactical Replacement Performance Power Magazine

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TASER® X2 Tactical Replacement Performance Power Magazine.

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Detailed Description

TASER X2 Gun Tactical Performance Power Magazine Replacement

Simply having the TASER X2 gun in your hands is not enough to protect yourself from criminal elements. Your TASER® has to be properly armed and ready if you want it to be able to dish out its incredible power to immediately immobilize anyone. Loading your TASER® with live cartridges is just part of getting it to work at optimum condition. An equally important part is ensuring that your weapon’s battery has enough juice to do the work. You can accomplish this by always having a TASER® X2 Tactical Replacement Performance Power Magazine on hand.

The typical TASER® X2 comes with and is powered by a Performance Power Magazine that will last up to 500 firings of the weapon. This means that if you use it right, you could potentially knock out 500 criminals with just a single Power Magazine. You won’t have to just depend on cartridges, too. Ranged attack through a live cartridge’s electrified darts is the primary way to use any TASER®, but what most people do not know is that this is not the only way that modern TASER® weapons can be used in self-defense.

Whether you are looking at TASER X2 instructions or instructions for the M26C, X26C, or C2 TASER® models, you will find a switch that can shift your TASER® to ‘drive stun mode’. In this mode, the same power and effect are unleashed by the TASER® weapon, except without the need for cartridges or darts. What you will need, however, is to touch your target with the business end of your TASER® at close range. This ‘melee’ attack will have the same temporarily paralyzing effects of the ranged attack, and can be useful when you are being cornered.

The TASER X2 cartridges that make it all possible actually come in several forms. The TASER® X2 Tactical Replacement Performance Power Magazine is a slight improvement on the Performance Power Magazine that comes with the X2. Besides allowing you 500 more firings of the weapon, the Tactical Performance Power Magazine has an extension that gives you more room on the weapon’s grip, allowing for tighter control and no dangling fingers as you are holding the weapon.

This small extension can be a big advantage during a tense confrontation with a criminal. The more control you have over your weapon, the better you can take advantage of the TASER® X2’s many capabilities. Designed through requests from various members of law enforcement and private security groups, the X2 is designed to be a highly tactical weapon. This is why it features an Immediate Backup Shot, which is what allows you to shoot it twice before needing to reload again.

So, if you are going to get a TASER X2, buy yourself a TASER® X2 Tactical Replacement Performance Power Magazine as well. You are going to need a replacement battery someday, why not make it one that can give you better tactical control of your weapon?

By the way, the TASER® X2 itself comes in either all-black or all-yellow. This replacement battery can fit into either.

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