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TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Performance Power Magazine

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TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Performance Power Magazine.

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Detailed Description

Defender TASER X2 Power Magazine Replacement PPM

Using a civilian TASER®, such as the TASER® X2, can be the deciding factor in whether or not you survive a mugging incident or brutal aggressive assault. A TASER® is designed to effectively take down an attacker from a distance or up close, and if you want to always be ready, you should have an extra TASER X2 Power Magazine.

When you initially avail of a TASER X2 sale, you will get the full kit, which includes a power magazine, a few live cartridges, and a target practice so you can improve your aim. That power magazine is both a battery and your ammo. It will last for 500 full discharges.

500 uses might sound like a lot, but if you practice a lot or if you teach self-defense classes, then 500 uses quickly depletes. With this extra TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Performance Power Magazine, you’ll be able to quickly reload and get your TASER® X2 ready for another round.

This additional Performance Power Magazine will give you another round of 500 uses. Replacing the one originally packaged with the X2 is a very quick and simple process, but if you need guidance, there are TASER X2 video tutorials online or you can simply turn to the included user manual packaged with the X2.

With an additional 500 uses, you will never encounter a situation where you are being chased down by muggers and you realize that your TASER® X2 is out of juice to fire off a cartridge. Now, you can resolve this by quickly swapping out the magazine with this extra one.

Its design also ensures you can quickly swap the magazines out even during the heat of an emergency. This ensures that you won’t have to waste precious time fumbling with complex procedures while attackers are recovering from the previous shock.

Looking at the TASER® X2, it is definitely one of the best choices out there because of its sheer stopping power. It can also fire an additional cartridge in case your first shot misses, and it also has a warning arc which can be used to scare off would-be attackers. The TASER X2 range is also excellent since it can fire up to 15 feet away.
,br />Unlike cartridges, this power magazine doesn’t expire, but it is advisable to use it every now and then to make sure that it still works properly and that there is no other issue with the magazine or with your TASER® X2.

The TASER® X2 is one of the most reliable civilian models as it was primarily designed by law enforcement personnel. It is available in either black or yellow models, and you can avail of the full kit, which comes with a few live cartridges and a target for practice purposes.

While the TASER® X2 is arguably one of the most powerful non-lethal weapons out there, it isn’t the only civilian TASER® available. Other than the X2, there is also the TASER® C2, the TASER® X26C, and the TASER® M26C. All four models were based on the models used by police and were altered to suit civilian self-defense needs.

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