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TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Cartridges – 2 Pack

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TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Cartridges – 2 Pack

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Detailed Description

X2 Defender TASER Cartridges for Sale 2 per Pack

These TASER cartridges for sale are vital to the readiness of your TASER® X2 Defender. With this TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Cartridges – 2 Pack, you can be sure that not only will your X2 be able to immobilize violent criminals but will be able to do so to the fullness of its capabilities (including ‘Immediate Backup Shot,’ which is the X2 model’s ability to shoot twice before reloading is necessary). Nothing is as dangerous to street criminals as a fully loaded TASER® X2 in the best possible condition.

While shooting twice is something that only the TASER® X2 Defender can do, this tactical and “smart” TASER® model actually shares the basic characteristics of any other modern TASER® (C2, X26C, or M26C). Any of these TASER® weapons can induce an effect described by TASER® as neuromuscular incapacitation, or NMI. And what many do not know is that shooting live cartridges at your target is not the only way to induce the said effect. You do not need to shoot electrified darts just to temporarily paralyze a potentially violent perp.

Switch that TASER® to ‘drive stun mode’ and all you need is to activate it while closing the distance between your weapon and the criminal. The same NMI effect will be achieved, all without expending the darts inside cartridges. This is even easier to accomplish if you target pressure points like the neck or the shoulders. If your life is in danger, do not be afraid to target the groin. Let your TASER® do its job of incapacitating your target and preventing the escalation of violence.

If you want to be able to do this from a relatively safe distance, like more than 10 feet from your target, then you definitely need this TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Cartridges Dual Pack. They are made especially for the X2 model and will only work with this particular TASER®. These cartridges also feature reversible installation, which just means that any one of the cartridges that comes in this 2-Pack package will fit in either the left or right cartridge slot at the front of the X2 weapon.

When it comes to the TASER X2 cartridge price ranges can be quite steep, but they are well worth it. You do not need a TASER cartridge diagram to recognize their true value. Each cartridge can render one criminal immobile. And because they are loaded into the X2, not only can they be shot in succession, but each shot will be backed up by the advanced CEW (Conducted Electrical Weapon) tech that is loaded into the TASER® X2 Defender.

Without its appropriate cartridges, the X2 will simply not be as useful or effective as it is designed to be.

For this and any other TASER cartridge reuse is only possible if you do not fire the darts and stick to ‘drive stun mode’. The 2 Pack TASER® X2 Defender Replacement Cartridges package will fit on either the yellow TASER® X2 or the all-black TASER® X2. If you have not yet bought one, these are the two X2 colors you can choose from.

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