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TASER® Live Replacement Cartridge – 2 Pack

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The TASER® 15' Replacement Cartridge 2 pack.

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Detailed Description

X26C TASER Replacement Cartridge Live Ammo 2 Pack

Just as a sword needs to be sharp, a TASER® also needs certain factors and elements in order to be suitable for self-defense purposes. This TASER replacement cartridge package provides one of those crucial elements.

Complete immobilizing power – that is what makes TASER® weapons so valuable on dangerous streets.  And, contrary to popular belief, this effect can be induced not just through the use of live cartridges. While launching electrified darts via loaded live cartridges is the most popular way to take on street criminals, you can also opt for Contact Stun Mode.

Also known as Drive Stun Mode, this is the mode that you must switch to if you need to use your TASER® and induce NMI from up close. Say that an attacker gets too close to you and will be right next to you in a few seconds. If you hesitate to fire, or if you just want to conserve your live cartridges, you can just switch to Drive Stun Mode and give that person an up close and personal taste of temporary paralysis.

Of course, the safest and easiest way to engage any attacker is still via these TASER cartridges. This X26C TASER® Live Replacement Cartridge Dual Pack actually bridges a technological gap in TASER® history.

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