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TASER X2 Electronic Control Devices for Personal Defense

TASER X2 electronic control devices are the pinnacle of what TASER® International is all about – effective, non-lethal self-defense whether up close and personal or from a (relatively) safe distance. What sets X2 TASERs apart from the earlier TASER® models is the fact that the X2 is the only TASER® device designed specifically through the input of professional law enforcement and private security agents. Should you have the chance to hold it in your hands, you would be wielding arguably the best weapon that TASER® International has ever come up with.

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The ability to shoot up to 15 feet as well as to produce the same effect from up close is not what makes the TASER® X2 Defender a unique weapon. In fact, the Bolt, X26C, and Pulse all share this ability to also attack from up close. When you are defending yourself with any of these weapons and have spent all your cartridges, you are not entirely defenseless. And should your assailant assume that you are defenseless just because you have already shot your cartridges to no avail, he or she is in for a shocking surprise.

Switch your TASER® to Drive Stun Mode and anyone who comes near you is vulnerable to NMI or neuromuscular incapacitation, all without the need for a live cartridge. Also known as Contact Stun Mode, this melee or close-contact attack is every TASER® weapon’s back up option. Do not be afraid to use it against any assailant, no matter how big or threatening that person is, because successfully making contact in Drive Stun Mode ends up with the same result as making contact with live cartridges.

When you consult your TASER X2 manual mode changes can be easy to do. This will allow you to confidently use either the ranged or melee attack for responding to immediate threats. However, take note that TASER® X2 Defender devices, unlike the other TASER® weapons, can actually shoot twice. Once you spend the first cartridge that the X2 is loaded with, you can opt to shoot it again using the second loaded cartridge. It is the only TASER® CEW weapon that has this ability, and it can allow you to incapacitate 2 different assailants from safe distances (up to 15 feet).

Getting the X2 Defender Kit won’t just get you a TASER® X2 Defender. It will also get you 4 free live cartridges specifically designed for the X2 (each one containing the TASER X2 serial number RFID tags). Additionally, you will also get the Performance Power Magazine, which powers the TASER® X2 Defender and gives it its ability to promptly and efficiently deliver shock resulting in NMI. And if you want to perform a TASER X2 test to experience how it fires, that is what the included practice target is for.

Any questions you have regarding the X2 can definitely be answered by the manual that comes with the kit. Separately available are the Tactical Power Magazine that gives you a lengthier grip on the weapon and the Blackhawk Holster that is especially designed to hold and protect TASER® X2 Defender guns.