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TASER Pulse with Laser, LED, Live Cartridges, Holster

If you are looking for a weapon that you can bring with you in order to provide yourself with protection, one of the best on the market today is the TASER Pulse, a subcompact weapon that can be concealed very easily, delivering the same power as those used by law enforcement. It can reach any attacker coming at you at up to 15 feet away. It will actually mobilize them for a total of 30 seconds, giving you time to get away. It has a laser, a LED, 2 live cartridges, one soft holster, a lithium power magazine, and a target. Let's look at the key features on the TASER Pulse, and why you should consider it.

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What Are Tasers?

These are unique weapons that were developed back in the 1960s, made by a NASA researcher by the name of Jack Cover. Since that time, the Taser has gone through many different incarnations, leading to the defensive weapons that exist today. They are designed to send out small darts like electrodes, ones that are propelled at a fast pace using compressed nitrogen charges. They will have a range of up to 35 feet for law enforcement, but are limited to 15 feet for consumers.

Aside from the projectiles, they have a drive stun function, in which they can use their electrodes while adjacent to the assailant. They use what is called Electro-Muscular Disruption, which can cause a significant amount of pain, and there are different models that are sold today.

Reasons to Own One

For those who are not comfortable with owning a gun, let alone shooting one, Tasers offer nice alternative. They can provide both men and women with some form of protection, allowing them to avoid being robbed or assaulted. Due to the appearance of these non-lethal weapons, they will appear to be an actual gun. This may dissuade anyone coming at you to leave you alone based solely upon their appearance. There is one Taser that you should consider owning that is extremely popular due to the way it looks and how effective it is. Let's take a look at this Taser that also has a laser and an LED, allowing you to be very accurate, especially in the evening hours.

The TASER Pulse with Laser and LED

The TASER Pulse has many key features that make it one of the best Taser guns that you can buy. It has a subcompact design, which means that you could carry it in your purse or pocket without people knowing that you are fully armed. It has an intuitive interface, safeties, and also angled iron sights. It has advanced target acquisition, and also a powerful LED flashlight so that you can see where the person is as you are aiming at your target.

They are battery-powered, using standard replaceable batteries. They will actually last up to 30 seconds for a total of 50 discharges. As long as you are within 15 foot of the person attacking, you won't have any problem bringing them down because of how effective these are at delivering an electric jolt. We also have other holsters, training cartridges, and more.

How Much Does the TASER Pulse Cost?

It is reasonably priced at under $500, and when you purchase one, it will come with the Taser, two live cartridges, a holster, and the battery pack which is a lithium power magazine. This is why it is able to deliver so much electricity and provide you with so many shots, due to the quality of the battery itself. It is possible to get it for an even lower price, but you have to know where to look. There are reliable companies such as Revere Security, business that is well-known for providing all things related to security, including Tasers.

This is certainly an investment that will protect you very easily from intruders and assailants. If you are walking at night by yourself, or if you are in the comfort of your home and someone comes in that you do not know, you can take them down in just seconds. If an actual intruder or assailant comes in, you will have the power to take them down using the TASER Pulse, a non-lethal weapon that you should certainly own.