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Taser Bolt

TASER Bolt with Laser, LED, Live Cartridges, Holster

When a person is able to defend themselves without really trying, they are much more confident when they are alone. It is possible for someone to have to face an assailant, and without the proper protection, it could end up very badly for them. There are devices called Tasers that have been around for decades, and they are available for not just law enforcement but civilians as well. There is one that everyone should own for their own protection and it is called the TASER Bolt with laser, LED, 2 live cartridges, one soft holster, a lithium power magazine, and a target. We also have battery replacements, training cartridges, other holsters, and more. This overview of the Taser Bolt will show you exactly why it has become so popular, and why you should consider carrying one wherever you go.

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How Tasers Work, Even as Stun Guns

Tasers utilize electrodes that are attached to dart bike projectiles that are sent out at high speeds. Once they connect with the other person, usually piercing the skin, it will deliver a jolt of electricity. Those that are sold to civilians go out to 15 feet whereas those issued to the police have a range of 35 feet.

Without using projectiles, Tasers can also be applied when you are in close proximity to the attacker. In just seconds, the person that is assaulting you may soon find themselves unable to move due to the jolt of electricity even at the drive stun mode. One of the best on the market today is the TASER Bolt. Let's look at what this Taser has to offer.

Features of the TASER Bolt That Are Excellent

The TASER Bolt is designed to provide the most amount of safety for those that may be assaulted. It utilizes the exact same technology that law enforcement Tasers will have, providing unparalleled protection. It delivers knockout power of 50,000 volts, hitting your target up to 15 feet away. It can also act as a drive stun Taser if you need to use it when they are in close proximity, perhaps already trying to take you down. Best of all, you can then set the device down and it will continue to deliver a charge, allowing you to escape. This allows you to prevent using deadly force, which may be the only thing that would save you such as with a handgun or a knife.

Most states allow you to carry a Taser without permits, yet there are certain states where you cannot use this weapon. It will come with instruction manuals that will show you how to fire the weapon, released the safety, and also store your TASER Bolt safely in your purse or pocket wherever you go.

Some of the key features include the ability to act as a stun gun even if you do not have a cartridge. Additionally, if the two live cartridges have already been fired, it can still deliver electricity, up to 50 applications, making this a very versatile form of protection. It has a laser and an LED light, which will allow you to see who is coming at you in the dark. This also allows you to be much more accurate when you are aiming, ensuring that you will hit your target and be able to run to safety. The battery pack of the Taser Bolt is a lithium power magazine that powers it to the core. Your purchase also comes with a soft holster plus a practice target.

These Taser devices have literally changed the way that people feel when they are out at night and alone. You will never feel vulnerable again because you will know that someone attacking you is going to go down. If you need to own one of these weapons, it is highly recommended that you purchase the TASER Bolt. It is one of the best Tasers on the market today, and due to its affordable price, most people will be able to own one of these weapons that can protect them day or night. You can order this directly from the Revere Security Website, and have it sent to you right away. It is a necessary expense to ensure that you will always be safe, whether you are alone or with friends.