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Taser X26P

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Taser X26P Black with Laser, LED, 2 Live Cartridges, Performance Power Magazine(battery pack), Target.

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Detailed Description

TASER X26P with Laser, LED, Live Cartridges, Target

The TASER X26P features a laser, a LED light, two live cartridges, a battery pack known as the performance power magazine, plus a target for practice. It provides the best take-down power on the market today. With a unique EMD (Electro-Muscular Disruption) and the Shaped Pulse™ technology, this device temporarily overrides a person’s central nervous system, which limits muscular control. It has been suggested that the TASER X26P has the ability to debilitate the most aggressive individuals and is effective on individuals who are already influenced by alcohol and drugs.

The TASER X26P is a more effective as well as safer version when compared to the X26E, described as a type of law enforcement technology that has undergone improvements outside and in. Other features include the superior design, charge metering, and diagnostics.

What Is the TASER X26P with Performance Power Magazine?

The X26P ECD is described as a type of software-upgradable weapon that has been manufactured by the company known as TASER International, Inc. This weapon makes use of replaceable cartridges that contain compressed nitrogen, which travels to the deployed probes that are attached to a cartridge. The probes are insulated in a conductive wire and the cartridges come in a variety of lengths that include 4.6M up to 7.6M. The cartridges that have a length that exceeds 4.6M is limited for military and law enforcement. The X26P is said to have a life expectancy of around 5 years.

Even without deploying its darts, it can stun attackers when in the drive stun mode. With its PPM, laser, and LED light, its electrodes can still work separate from those darts.

What Is NMI (Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation)?

TASER technology has been designed in the way that it makes use of electrical impulses that are similar in the way that the human nervous system causes stimulation to motor and sensory nerves. NMI happens when the Taser causes an involuntary stimulation to the motor and sensory nerves. This device does not depend on pain, which means it can be used effectively on the subjects who possess increased levels when it comes to pain tolerance.

The stun guns in the past typically only had an effect on sensory nerves that resulted in compliance to pain. Subjects with extremely high tolerances to types of pain, such as a focused or trained fighter, an individual in major psychological distress, or drug or alcohol abusers are often not affected by certain types of pain and have the ability to fight the pain of the traditional stun guns.

The Electrical Theory of the TASER X26P

•Electricity has to flow freely between the two probes in order to create electrical charges and will typically flow along the path that presents the least resistance between these probes.

•Typically, the longer or wider the spread that occurs between these probes onto the target, the increase in effectiveness on the subject.

•The electricity will typically not pass from one individual to another, if another person is in contact with the target, unless a direct contact has been created on or between the probes or the wires have been touched during the process of an electrical charge.

•If the subject is exposed or emerged in water, the TASER will not cause an electrocution, nor with the power of electricity passed onto the subject will increase. This is because the charge inside the TASER is fixed and will not become stronger or increase due to changes in the surrounding environment.

Features of the TASER X26P

The X26P is regarded as the most compact and smallest Smart Weapon and comes with an ergonomically designed handle. However, the X26P offers superior strength when it really matters, such as taking down a criminal.

Similar in many ways to the previous versions of TASER weapons, the X26P is known as a single-shot device which does not need the replacement of inventories related to the cartridges.

With the familiar shape and compact size, the X26P is easy to carry around and the intuitive design allow for a truly smooth transition when it comes to the future of Smart Weapons.

XPPM (Extended Performance Power Magazine)

This redesigned device protects the cartridge doors when it comes to wear and tear usually experienced in field use. In addition, the forward-facing design offers a quicker way to reload.

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