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TASER® X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster

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TASER® X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster.

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Regular Price: $89.99

Special Price $80.99

Detailed Description

Blackhawk Defender X2 TASER Hip Holster for Civilian Use

If you carry a TASER®, then you are capable of defending yourself against violent attacks out on the street. But you must remember that how you carry the weapon determines whether you can deploy it fast enough for an effective defense or lose the fight against an attacker. That is why you should get a TASER hip holster, so you will always have your weapon at the ready.

There are many kinds of self defense weapons being sold out there, and many of them are arguably effective against muggers and other kinds of street criminals. But when it comes to weapons made for personal self defense, it is tough to beat the TASER®.

Carrying a TASER® X2 in a TASER® X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster gives you a big tactical edge over any street thug out there. Many defense weapons have what it takes to drop any assailant instantly, but only the TASER® can do this either up close or from a distance. This means that you do not have to wait until the attacking criminal is dangerously close before you fire at him. This is true whether you are carrying the C2, M26C, X26C, or X2 model TASER®.

Our TASER® X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster has a neat little SERPA retention lock that gives the holster even better retention qualities and excellent protection from impact or attempts to grab the weapon out of the holster. And it also allows you to to very quickly draw the weapon, which is just what you will need to do when confronted by a deadly threat. And as an added plus, the lock is operated with the trigger finger, which means it does not interfere with a smooth draw.

You will have to tilt your TASER® X2 back to allow you draw it out, instead of pulling it straight up like you would with other holsters.

This Blackhawk holster’s Mod-U-Lock belt clip is originally designed to allow easy exchange between law enforcers. You can choose either a cross-draw or strong-side carry style, for left- or right-hand draw.

You will need this Blackhawk holster not just to hold your TASER® X2 but to hold it in a position that makes it easy to draw the weapon, so it can be deployed fast when you find yourself face-to-face with a mugger with a knife, for example. But allowing your TASER® X2 to be drawn easily, while it is an important role the holster plays, is just one of its purposes. Retaining and securing your weapon are just as important.

The TASER® X2 is designed by law enforcement and features two shots and also law enforcement’s most requested capabilities. It is also a great home defense weapon that has a lot of features but is simple to use at the same time.

Its dual lasers make aiming extremely easy under pressure, and its power magazine will last up to 500 shots. It is also weatherproof to beat rain and humidity and also has self diagnostics to tell you if it is in good working order or not. Its warning arc while loaded can discourage many attackers.

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