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Target Darts 250 Pack

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250 Pack of Target Darts

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Detailed Description

250 per Pack Target Replacement Darts for a Blowgun

These replacement darts for a blowgun can be considered as all-around ammunition. With a blowgun and this Blowgun Target Darts 250-Pack, you could master the art of shooting through target practice or hunting for small game. If you get cornered in the wild, you could even use it to defend yourself against larger animals. You just need a set of lungs and the knowledge of how to use blowguns properly – it is really not that hard to do this.

Darts are the main or ‘default’ ammunition for blowguns. From party tricks like shooting balloons from long distances to actual outdoor survival tactics such as drawing the attention of wild bears, you can rely on different blowgun darts to do the job. If you get skillful enough, you could even use a dart to shoot birds out of the air for food, or instantly kill rabbits and squirrels with well-timed and accurate head shots. It sounds brutal, but in a pinch, this can help you avoid starvation.

The Blowgun and the basic dart: it is an ancient combination that has served humanity for literally millennia and continues to do so today. As long as you have a perfectly straight blowgun and perfectly straight darts, you will have no problem shooting accurately. The simplicity of the dart’s design is what gives it its ability to be accurate and forceful upon leaving the blowgun. Thanks to its masterfully aerodynamic design, a flying dart can be as accurate as any bullet shot from a firearm. And with silent air as its ‘gunpowder’, you can just not worry about giving your position away with each and every shot.

It is true that there are exploding blowgun darts for sale somewhere. But for the purposes of hunting, self-defense from animals, or target-shooting, all you really need are these basic and simple darts. Unleashed with the proper shooting technique, the speed of a blowgun dart can reach up to 350 fps (feet per second) or possibly even more. This Blowgun Target Darts 250-Piece Pack will give you literally hundreds of chances to achieve those speeds.

If you have one of these dart packs, whether you are just target shooting or out hunting for small game, you can worry a lot less about your remaining ammo. And if 250 darts feel like too much ammunition, there is also the 100-pack. All of these darts will work perfectly with any of the .40 caliber blowguns that are available on this Website, whether it is the 18”, 24”, 36”, 42”, 60”, or 72” model. By the way, all of these blowguns are made from T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. Seamlessly constructed from this lightweight and strong material, these blowguns are guaranteed for life.

Coincidentally, you can also fit these blowguns with equipment that converts them into paintball blowguns. The equipment and paintball ammunition for this can also be found here. While each blowgun can be a deadly weapon, you should know that there are ways to use them for a fun afternoon of shooting paintballs at your friends and family.

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