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Target Darts 100 Pack

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100 Pack of Target Darts

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Detailed Description

Blowgun Replacement Darts 100 per Pack Target Ammo

Blowguns have been one of mankind’s greatest weapons. It can be used silently and at a distance, and over time, it is now a tool used for purposes other than hunting. It can be for target shooting sports or even for paintball. However, in order to use it, you’ll need blowgun replacement darts.

As its name suggests, this Blowgun Target Darts 100-Pack gives you 100 replacement darts. Finding blowguns with darts on sale can be difficult at times because not all of them are designed for professional blowguns. These are universal and are designed with top-of-the-line quality in mind.

Primitive blowgun darts are made of cheap materials and are likely manufactured out of the country to lower production costs even more. That is not the case here. With these replacement darts, you get the best in the market, guaranteed to hit their mark and dig in deep without breaking.

Good blowgun darts fly in a straight path. They achieve this by having an evenly made body and evenly made tails. Poorly designed darts will have uneven tails that might even come off, leading your dart to fly in a wavy path. If the body is made of cheap materials, it could shatter upon impact.

All 100 darts in this pack have gone through rigorous quality assurance tests to make sure they live up to their promise. They are guaranteed to withstand impact and will flight straight, ensuring you won’t suddenly miss when hunting or when using the blowgun to defend yourself against an angry bear.

Believe it or not but even 100 darts can go by pretty quickly, especially if you are fond of target shooting or just fond of practicing. Even when you’re set on picking up the darts you’ve fired, there is always the chance you won’t find them all.

If you think 100 darts won’t be enough, then you can also avail of the larger Target Darts 250 Pack, which has nearly thrice as many darts for you to carry with you. This is perfect when you want to carry as many as you can on a camping or hiking trip.

Darts won’t fire themselves so you’ll also need a blowgun. Luckily, you can avail of the .40 caliber blowgun also offered here. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it very durable but also very light. If you want the ultimate blowgun, then this is the one you’re looking for.

The .40 caliber blowgun comes in several lengths: 18 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch, 60 inch, and 72 inch. They all can fire up to 250 feet away and have a muzzle velocity of 350 feet per second, ensuring your darts will hit the target with strong force. You can even attach an optional paintball magazine to make it fire paintballs instead of darts!

Perhaps the best part though is that buying these blowguns also give you two free quivers for your darts. This ensures you can instantly load and reload your blowgun without having to open your backpack. Combine this with the 100 pack of blowgun replacement darts and you’ll always be armed.

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