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Tactical Silver Twist Pen

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Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Silver Twist Tactical Pen Multi Tool with Glass Breaker

Learning how to deal with emergencies like natural disasters or survival situations like getting trapped in a burning building or a crashed vehicle is important. Know how to handle such scenarios just in case. Breaking glass often means the difference between living and dying in these situations, and you will need a tactical pen multi tool for this.

The tactical pen is a very indispensable piece of survival or tactical equipment. It is actually two gadgets in one. First of all, it is a real pen, but that is not all that it is.

It’s also a really effective self defense weapon. You can do arm locks, blocks, and strikes with our Tactical Silver Twist Pen. The glass breaker lets you break glass if, say, you are trapped in a burning house. This glass breaker pen will also let you smash your car’s window out if the door jams after a crash. You can watch a tactical pen demonstration in a martial arts class or watch a tactical pen training video online.

This Tactical Silver Tactical Twist Pen and Glass Breaker measures just 6¼” x ½”. It has a well-textured aluminum body that will let you grip it firmly, a feature that you will appreciate whether you are just jotting down notes or parrying a crackhead’s violent attack on the street. It is very easy to carry because of its pocket clip, and the glass breaker tip will really come in handy for smashing out windows to allow quick entry to otherwise inaccessible areas during emergency situations.

This survival tool could be the best tactical pen ever, but it is also a smooth writing instrument, of course. You just twist the pen’s body to operate its retractable tip. It even comes with a replacement ink cartridge.

If someone comes at you on the street, there is an almost unlimited number of defensive moves you can use against him using this Tactical Silver Twist Pen with Glass Breaker Tip. It will even aid your weak-side arm in blocking and locking your attacker’s arm, then you can strike at his face with the pointed glass breaker tip, or stab at his chest muscles. You can also swing it down low and strike at his ribs. If you must, you can also strike below the belt. Getting hit with this defense weapon is severely painful. No matter how big or tough your opponent is, this survival and defense tool will drop him in no time at all.

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