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Tactical Silver Pull Cap Glass Breaker

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Tactical Silver Pull Cap, Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Silver Pull-Cap Self Defense Tactical Ink Pen Glass Breaker

If you are not trained to deal with an emergency like having to handle the consequences of a natural disaster or a serious accident, you are just like a lot of other people. That means you have to learn what you have to do in such situations before they occur. You will need gadgets like a self defense tactical ink pen, especially since it can break glass, which is important if you are trapped in a crashed car, for instance.

You will be much better able to stay alive when disaster strikes if you are carrying a tactical pen on you. It will let you smash windows out, which you will likely need to do in a lot of emergencies, like getting out of a car that is just crashed and is about to go up in flames and you are trapped in it.

This handy tool has several uses. But tactical pen purpose No. 1 would have to be just writing, which is also important in handling emergency situations where you have to write down notes or warnings. Our Tactical Silver Pull Cap Glass Breaker does this very well but also is a great self defense weapon. Getting hit by this weapon is excruciatingly painful and will make even the biggest, toughest target drop.

This Silver Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen may measure just 6¼” x ½” but will let you do a variety of arm locks, blocks, and very effective strikes. Stab an attacker in the chest muscles with the glass breaker tip, or stab him in the ribs, for example, and he is going down.

This pen’s aluminum body has a textured finish that will let you grip it firmly, which is important whether you are using it as a writing instrument or as a weapon for self defense. Its pocket clip makes it very easy to carry, and its glass breaker tip really comes in handy for breaking glass when emergency situations demand it. Just pull the cap off when you want to use the pen for writing. This could just be the best tactical pen on the market. A good tactical pen test should show just what it can do.

One neat thing about this tactical pen is, unlike many other defense weapons, it is designed for concealed carry. Not only do many people prefer having weapons that are hidden, carrying a concealed weapon means that you have got surprise on your side.

In case this pen runs dry, there is a replacement ink cartridge that comes with it.

This pen makes a good addition to any survival kit. If you have not assembled a survival kit of your own yet, do it now. Survival gear includes stuff like a blanket to keep warm especially in winter, knives, a flashlight, and a compass for making your way around, especially if there are no landmarks in the area.

Survival kits are made to fit different situations. Aircraft kits have equipment for helping passengers survive in the wilderness in case their airplane gets downed, and boat survival kits are designed to help shipwrecked passengers stay alive.

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