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Tactical Silver Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen

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Tactical Silver Crown Tip, Screw Cap Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Tactical Silver Screw-Cap Crown Tip DNA Catcher Pen

Most survival gear are designed to aid you against the forces of nature, such as hunger or the need for shelter when out in the mountains hiking. This DNA catcher pen, however, is designed not only to help you break free of sticky situations, but it is also an essential self-defense tool as well.

This Tactical Silver Crown Tip Screw Cap Pen can serve as a glass breaker with its crown tip. This will help you break out of a collapsed building or a sinking car, or to break items that you can use to build tools or shelter with. However, as a self-defense tool, it has the added benefit of catching your attacker’s DNA.

Using the crown tip of this self defense tactical pen impact weapon will make a small wound on the skin of your attacker. It will then be able to capture a small drop of blood, which can then be used by the authorities to identify the attacker by checking DNA databases.

This guarantees that even if you’re attacker gets away after you strike them with this pen, they will be hunted and identified by the police. The DNA will also serve as undeniable evidence in court, ensuring that your attacker will not be able to get free immediately to cause harm to anyone else.

A tactical pen comparison between this and others is that while other tactical survival pens are designed solely for breaking hard materials like glass panes, this one is designed with self-defense in mind. The crown tip of the pen will instantly take down an attacker with a well-placed hit.

Even with just the most basic self-defense tutorials online you’ll learn how to pinpoint and strike specific tactical pen pressure points such as an attacker’s temple, neck, armpit, chest, or groin. A well-placed hit with this pen will knock them down, giving you the opportunity to escape and call the authorities.

Of course, carrying a glass breaker and DNA catcher self-defense weapon would look suspicious, which is why this is disguised as a regular pen. It looks like a classy office pen with its silver finish, but it has a ribbed aluminum body which makes it all the more easier to firmly grasp.

It also comes with a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry, and when you screw the cap, a real ball point comes out, letting you actually use it as a regular pen. If the ink runs out, you can instantly replace it since the pen does come with a replacement ink cartridge.

Adding this to your survival kit will be crucial when going out. Adding it for self-defense will also guarantee you don’t find yourself with nothing to fight with when facing attackers. Its DNA catcher will also prove useful with the police and in court. It can also be an essential glass beaker or auxiliary tool out in the wild.

After all, survival kits are meant to guarantee your survival, hence, the name. Every survival kit will have gear designed to aid you in emergencies, such as flashlights, rope, fishing lines, and now you can add this DNA catcher tactical pen.

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