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Garrett's Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster

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Garrett's Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster is the most rugged, compact metal detector on the market.

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Detailed Description

Garrett Handheld Tactical Metal Detector Pinpointer THD with Holster

The presence of deadly metallic weapons can instantly turn a public event, location, or commercial establishment into a nightmarish scenario. You can avoid such incidents by having a Garrett tactical metal detector pinpointer on hand. If Garrett's Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster is a regular piece of equipment for your security staff, then you can worry a lot less about dangerous weapons and other contraband from getting into the places or events that you are in charge of keeping secure.

Metal detectors and security scanners of this type are a common sight in shopping malls, concerts, bars, and any other location where people might carry dangerous weapons into. Think of these devices as another layer of security that can work with other security measures in ensuring that a particular venue or event is safe from the presence of highly lethal objects.

If you are absolutely serious about keeping guns, knives, and certain drug paraphernalia from compromising your location or event’s defense and security, then you definitely need to check this product out. When it comes to metal detectors how they work is a question that comes up rather frequently. As you probably already know, handheld metal detector uses are not limited to just security. Some are used for treasure-hunting, and they pretty much work in the same way as security scanners.

The Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster features highly sensitive detection technology through the use of devices that can produce and detect magnetic fields. It detects metal through transferring magnetism to nearby metal objects and then being able to detect that magnetism. The 4-inch front part of the device is the part that can actually detect metal, and it can do so at 360 degrees.

With it, you can accurately detect the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel, and other metallic objects, weapons, and contraband. It features a silent alarm that just causes the item to vibrate and turn on a Red LED light upon detection, allowing whoever is using it to be discretely informed if the person being scanned is carrying a hidden weapon.

Sealed water-resistant construction allows the tool to get wet without its internal electronics getting compromised. The simple ON/OFF battery cover allows for easy operation. There is also an included flash light that is highly convenient for searching inside bags or simply using the device in zero or low-light conditions.

For airport security scanners, drugs, paraphernalia, and weapons are the main targets of detection. The same can be said for this handheld detector, and you can be sure that it is up to the job – Garrett has been in the business of making metal-detecting devices since 1964.

Purchasing the Garrett Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster will also get you a free ballistic weave holster that will allow you to carry the device on your belt. The 9V battery that you need to use it is also included. What is not included but would be a great addition is the optional rechargeable battery kit, which also works with the following security scanners from Garrett: CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster, SuperWand, and SuperScanner V.

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