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Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker

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Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker Tip Pen with Refill Measures 6 1/4" x 1/2"

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Detailed Description

Black Pull-Cap Tactical Pen Concealed Weapon Glass Breaker

A big part of emergency preparedness is having the ability to get away from immediate sources of danger. That is what makes this tactical pen concealed weapon a must-have piece of survival equipment that you can carry with you 24/7. The Tactical Black Pull Cap Glass Breaker is as easy-to-carry as any regular pen, and even works like one, too. At the same time, it can allow you to very easily break any kind of emergency glass case used for storing fire extinguishers.

Having easy and immediate access to glass-encased fire extinguishers and other emergency tools is just one reason to undergo tactical pen training. When you fully understand the many ways that a tactical pen with a glass breaker can be useful, you will never want to leave the house again without one. With the proper use of a tactical pen what is glass and preventing you from reaching safety can be easily dealt with.

All you need to prevent cutting yourself is any ordinary thick cloth. Wrap it around your hand before grasping and using the tactical pen/glass breaker, and with the correct movements, you won’t suffer any injuries while trying to break car windows, glass doors, and building windows as you escape any and all immediate sources of danger. Emergency escape is one of the main uses of this device.

Additionally, the Black Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen also writes like a normal pen. And for this tactical pen black ink is the default color that it comes with. A glass breaking tip sits on one end of this 6 ¼” long and ½” wide pen, while on the other end, you will find the tip that writes. A removable pull off pointed cap can cover this end for protection. The black finished aluminum rounded body is as tough as it looks, and gives you an easy grip on the device.

As you can imagine, with the glass breaking end exposed and the writing end protected by the cap, this weapon can be easily used as a ‘kubotan’ or short-stick self-defense weapon. Holding it in your fist, you could defend yourself via hammer-fists, front thrusts, or even side swipes. Training in both the proper movements to break glass as well as the kubotan movements with which you can defend yourself can double the usefulness of this device.

The Black Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen would be a perfect addition to any vehicular accident survival kit, or any survival kit that anticipates emergencies involving glass-breaking or self-defense. In fact, it is a highly portable addition to anybody’s daily survival kit. Put it in your purse, your pocket, your jacket, or your bag. Always having a pen on you is going to be useful – even more so if that pen can also break glass and allow you to defend yourself from criminals.

While designed for heavy duty applications, the Black Pull-Cap Tactical Glass Breaker Pen actually writes rather well and even comes with a replacement ink cartridge so you can maximize its writing capabilities.

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