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Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle

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Use this Survival Knife as an everyday knife or put it in your survival bag and save it for an emergency.

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Detailed Description

Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle

This Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle has the functions for everyday use and can be saved in a survival bag for the purpose of emergency situations. The knife features a fixed-blade with an easy-to-use handle that is nylon-cord-wrapped. That cord is designed to tie onto another object, such as a sturdy stick, so that the knife can be transformed into a handy spear that can be used for hunting purposes.

Features of the Survival Knife with Nylon-Cord-Wrapped Handle

The blade is 4 ΒΌ inches long with a black stainless steel full tang blade. The knife features a reverse serration saw, and the handle is wrapped tightly in a thick cord. The knife also comes with a nylon sheath and currently retails for $11.96 only at the Revere Security Website.

Survival Knife with Fixed Blade for the Wilderness

When it comes to a variety of survival scenarios, a survival knife can be your saving grace and you will rely on it for several reasons. The Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle has a number of features that you can make use of when the need arises and you happen to land yourself in an emergency situation.

The cord on the handle provides a superior grip when you need the knife to slice or cut through an object. This cord is also designed so that you can easily remove it and then use it for the purpose of securing the knife onto a staff or a spear handle, which transforms the knife into a weapon you can even use from a far distance.

If you are in the wilderness and come into contact with wild animals like bears, badgers, or cougars, you should try to keep a distance as much as possible. You will need a method to defend your family or yourself from their claws or teeth. When you have tied your knife to a staff, you can use the weapon to jab at the animal with the knife tip, which will hopefully encourage the animal to flee. The other way to use a survival knife is when you may be in need of food and you will have to hunt. Again, it is advisable to keep your distance and rather tie the knife to a stick or a pole to give you a safer advantage when it comes to killing an animal.

The spine on these blades features a saw that can be used to cut down branches or trees if you need to construct a temporary shelter. When it comes to the construction, you will probably need many branches to build your shell layer. You can speed up the work involved when you have a survival knife that can help you saw through the wood.

The finger-hold featured on the front part of the handle offers safety when you use the knife for more delicate cutting work. You can use the knife to make your own eating utensils, like a spoon, or to create a bow-drill that can be used for when you make a fire. This Survival Knife with Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle offers you multiple uses and could save your life the next time you use it.

 Features: blade 4 ¼", full tang stainless steel black blade, reverse serration saw, thick cord wrapped handle.

Includes: Nylon Sheath.

Dimensions: 10” Overall

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