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Paracord Camo Belt with Metal Buckle

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The Paracord belt has 93½ feet of 550 paracord. It can be used as an everyday belt but has other uses in a survival or emergency situation.

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Detailed Description

550 Paracord Belt with Buckle (Metal) for Rescue & Survival

Survival kits are a must-have at all times, even just small ones that you can bring with you every day. They become necessities when you plan on hiking or camping out in the wild. A paracord belt with buckle is one essential survival gear to bring, and it has the benefit of being easier to carry.

Right from its name, the Paracord Camo Belt with Metal Buckle can be used as an ordinary belt to keep your pants or shorts up. This makes it more convenient to carry since you are wearing it instead of stuffing it into your bag, which might already be full. It is also camouflaged, so it is pleasing to the eye.

However, when things get rough, and you need an emergency survival tool for your survival, you can take this men's paracord belt off and use its special rope for whatever needs you have. Unbraiding the belt will result to a military-grade 550 paracord rope that is 93 and a half feet long.

Paracord is a special type of high-endurance rope. It is very strong, which is why it is used for parachutes – which is where it gets its name – but it is also very lightweight, making it convenient to carry. This is why military personnel, hunters, and survivalists alike use paracord for their needs.

It will not break easily, which is arguably the best thing about paracord. This allows it to be used for a multitude of tasks without the concern of the rope suddenly snapping. As a matter of fact, the only way to break the rope into smaller lengths is to use a strong hunting knife.

Even as a belt, it is more than what it seems. Paracord metal belt buckles will hold it securely in place, so you can also use it as a towing tool, with the belt buckles serving as locks. Unbraiding the rope to its full length is where its full potential comes out and is where it turns into an all-purpose survival tool.

You can use the paracord to build a trap to hunt game, so you can have food to eat. The rope can be used to rappel down steep cliffs or as a rail when crossing a river. It can be used to tie branches and build shelter, and it can be used to build fishing lines or to tie other tools together to form a spear.

Reading the paracord survival belt instructions will give you a better idea on how to fully utilize your paracord during an emergency situation. After all, if you get wounded out in the wild, this rope can also serve as a tourniquet or as a rope to tie together bandage. Reading more will teach you how to use it.

Having a special camouflage belt will be easy to carry and wear, but since it doubles as paracord survival gear, you will instantly be able to bring it with you, ensuring you will have the tool needed when you get stuck out in the wild with no immediate help available.

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