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Some video surveillance setups include microphones to capture sound. If you are planning to install audio recording devices alongside your CCTV camera system, or if you already have them installed, you should know everything there is to know about the existing laws on audio surveillance. You can't just install security camera external microphones, proceed to record anywhere you want, and get away with it. It's a little more complicated than that.

The laws vary from the local, state, and federal levels. It is not that they contradict. It's just that they have different specifications on what’s allowed and what's not. Most states allow the recording of any private conversation, provided at least one person in the conversation has given his or her consent. This may be for the purposes of conducting police surveillance. What this means for your place of business is that an open office CCTV surveillance system can be wired for audio as long as your employees and staff give their consent beforehand (which can be done via contract signing during the hiring process). If you need to help someone record video and audio evidence of them being abused (perhaps by a spouse, a coworker, or an employer), you can do so provided you have the prior consent of that person.

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That is for most states. Some states require the consent of all parties before you are legally allowed to record, so be absolutely careful. Being convicted of criminal eavesdropping can lead to thousands of dollars in fines (if not imprisonment). If you are going to use an HD security camera with microphone capabilities, then you will need to arm yourself with some knowledge first. Research any and all laws that you might be breaking so as to avoid breaking them. If your cameras have built-in microphones, make sure that it is legal to use them where they are located. Otherwise, you can turn off the microphones.

All of that isn't to say that audio recording surveillance is not worth it. Captured audio can make all the difference in a high-risk security situation. If you are serious about protecting a particular location and ensuring no holes exist in your overall security system, then you should look up the basic CCTV camera microphone price range to see if you can fit it into your budget. Whether you need it for stationary open surveillance, covert CCTV or mobile spy camera surveillance, it's definitely worth it to go to the trouble of researching current laws so you can legally and safely use an Audio Pick Up Microphone. Being able to hear what's going on as well as see it can give your security team the initiative to act when necessary.

If the location in which you need to capture audio is not indoors, it won't be a problem. Not all IP camera microphone outdoor surveillance has to be choppy. There are ways to capture crisp and clear audio even in places with bad acoustics. Thanks to the Amplified Microphone, you can boost the existing audio recording capability of most cams.