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Camera Housing & Brackets

Security Camera Exterior Housing to Protect Surveillance Systems

Having a good security system, such as properly installed and fully functioning CCTV cameras, can prevent burglaries from occurring at home. According to the FBI, 74.5 percent of burglaries have taken place in the home. Of course, this also means some good-quality security camera exterior housing is required to ensure your CCTV cameras are always in tip-top condition.

Security cameras are often placed in corners and outdoors. CCTV cameras in particular are placed around doors and windows and are often visible enough to warn burglars that they should not try coming in because they will be recorded on video. Burglars rarely attempt houses they know are being guarded.

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However, this also exposes the spy cameras to rain, extreme temperatures, vandalism, and tampering from those who can reach them. Camera housing encloses the cameras and makes sure they are safe and consistently capable of producing clear video recordings.

Camera housing for high temperature climate is one of the first things you might want to consider. Always make sure the housing can withstand extremely cold and extremely hot weather, particularly in places where winter and summer are at their peak.

Camera housing waterproof options are also a must, particularly in places where it constantly rains. States that experience the brunt of spring and summer are usually struck by hurricanes and thunderstorms, and too much water could short-circuit an unprotected camera.

The housing should be strong. Aluminum is one of the best materials to use in this case because, unlike common iron, aluminum does not rust. It can stay outdoors under the heat, snow, and rain without ever corroding. This will also reduce housing maintenance over the years.

If you have installed dome cameras for parking lot security or store security, then you will need dome camera housing outdoor options such as a clear glass casing. Many dome cameras swivel in their spot so the enclosure should not obstruct their point of view. Otherwise, you’d be diminishing the camera’s value.

Always check if the enclosure also comes with a wiper and LED signal to indicate the camera inside is working. These aren’t always necessary but the extra features can make it easier to use and maintain your security system.

Some cameras need to be perched so that kids and burglars alike will not be able to reach them. Many criminals attempt to vandalize or tamper with the security camera so they can later make a clean escape. To prevent this, make sure you use a sturdy bracket to hold the camera up.

When choosing a bracket mount, make sure it has PTZ features. This will allow the camera to pan-tilt-and-zoom despite being encased in camera housing. You never want to get any housing that obstructs the main features of the camera.

Buying security camera housing might seem like an unnecessary additional expense, but since these cost little – below $10 if you need only a bracket, then it will turn out to be a long-term investment. Spending for housing is a lot cheaper than the hundreds you’d spend to replace broken cameras.