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Garrett's SuperScanner V

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Garrett's SuperScanner V is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world.

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Detailed Description

Garrett Handheld Metal Detector Super Scanner V Detector

At concerts, watching football or baseball games, or commercial establishments, you always see security personnel checking whether people entering may be carrying a weapon, whether on themselves or in bags. They will also check for contraband. And they will likely be using a Garrett handheld metal detector Super Scanner.

For building security, it simply is not enough to rely on frisking to reveal accurately and consistently illegal equipment or substances that people may be carrying. Metal detectors are great at sensing the presence of weapons like guns or knives on people.

Guards at shopping malls, stadiums, and banks, to name a few examples, use these scanners because you can never tell when someone is hiding a gun on them or maybe dangerous drugs. And detecting weapons, especially high-powered firearms, can easily prevent another bloody shooting. At airports, handheld scanners can help avert hijackings and other terroristic acts. But are airport security scanners safe to use? Airport security have used them for years. These scanners also help secure both government and private institutions, and schools. Garrett's SuperScanner V is a very popular choice. It might just be the best handheld metal detector around.

The most popular handheld metal detector in the world is the Garrett SuperScanner V. It has been the industry leader for over 25 years because Garrett’s engineering is state-of-the-art, and it shows in this scanner’s capabilities.

This handy SuperScanner V is extremely sensitive. It can sense a medium-sized handgun from nine inches away and a large knife from a distance of just six inches. Box cutters will be detected by this device from three inches, and the scanner will sniff out drugs that are wrapped in aluminum foil from just an inch off. It will sense small pieces of jewelry from the same distance, too. One reason why this device scans people or luggage so well is it has a large 8-inch surface.

The SuperScanner V’s digital microprocessor technology allows it to calibrate itself, which means that periodic adjustments to its sensitivity are unnecessary. And this device has a rugged, high-impact case made of ABS, which means that it is tough, and its coil compartment has been reinforced for good measure.

This handheld metal detector for security has also has a three-color LED indicator, a sharp, audible alarm, and a bright-red LED to tell you when it detects metal. Push the button momentarily and you will pause the device’s ability to sense nearby ambient metal like rebar, metal walls, and other close metal objects.

Garrett security metal detectors are the most commonly seen in the hands of security personnel anywhere in the country or the globe. Garrett is unquestionably an extremely trusted manufacturer of metal detectors and a household name in the world. Garrett has been around since 1964, and their products are made in the USA, too.

Garrett has other great products, too, like the CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster, the Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector with Holster, the SuperWand, and the Metal Detector Rechargeable Battery Kit that is meant for all these devices, including the SuperScanner V.

Optional rechargeable battery kit available.

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