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Super Door Stop Alarm

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Use the Super Door Stop Alarm as an entry alarm and to block a door from being opened. If anyone tries to open the door, this 120 dB alarm will sound.

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Detailed Description

Super Door Stop Wedge Alarm from Safe Family Life

There are a host of door alarms and window alarms plus several other home protection devices on the site. Among them is this Super Door Stop Wedge Alarm from Safe Family Life that can do two things. It can both block a door from being opened and sound a 120dB alarm if that door is being opened.

The Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm is a doorstop plus a door alarm in one neat device. You get two door gadgets in one, and in most situations, they are all that you need in your front door to stop a burglar or an attacker from going into your house. Inside the home, you can also secure the doors to worthy rooms with the doorstop and door alarm.

Out there, numerous door defense alarms and also door stoppers can be had to prevent robbers and assailants from moving to and in your house. On this site, we have door protection alarms and doorstops for your home. The Super Door Stop Alarm from SafeFamilyLife is better than most of them because it is both a door alarm and a door stopper, not just one or the other.

In the first place, it can obstruct any door from being opened and undefended by its being a door stopper. And in the second place, it is also an entry alarm. So, if anyone tries to open that door, the device will resonate a 120 dB security alarm to prevent that from happening. By doing those two things, this defense device can thwart criminals of all kinds from breaking through the main door plus entering your house through there.

The Safe Family Life Doorstop Door Alarm can secure families and individuals against violence, especially in their own homes. It can protect shops, workplaces, and employees, too, against shoplifters, robbers, attackers, plus several other aggressors.

The movement sensor of this safety alarm and doorstop has adjustable sensitivity. It has its own settings to attune the sensitivity. This development sensor will initiate the alarm if it is tampered with.

With a door stopper and a door alarm both, this safety gadget will be able to defend any door inside and out. That means not only the front door but the doors inside the house as well, the garage door, all doors at the fence or the gate, plus doors on the attic or roof.

This Super Door Stopper and Wedge Alarm for all doors is good in homes, workplaces, plus anywhere else. It can protect each door in two different ways. One is by hampering the door so that it cannot be opened and is not vulnerable, especially from outside. The other is with its 120dB alarm that will vibrate at the door entry also so that the entry cannot be penetrated.

The door alarm and door stopper has an ON/OFF switch at the back of the gadget. It is all that you need to turn on or shut off the protection alarm.

This Safe Family Life Super Door Stop Alarm uses only one 9-Volt battery in order to get it going.

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