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Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

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The Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master Mobile Charger Metal Stun Baton Flashlight

Self-defense weapons need to be easy to use and convenient for experts and novices alike, and they need to be safe so that you do not end up hurting yourself. You want to hurt the bad guys and the bad guys only. That is why a metal stun baton is one of the best options out there today.

A stun gun works during direct contact. The problem with most products is that the only part that emits the electric shock is very limited – usually, just the very end. This means you need to accurately hit the target with that part of the stun gun for him or her to get shocked.

Unfortunately, when a person is getting mugged or raped, things happen very fast and a small tip may not be enough. Mini stun guns are effective for many, no doubt, but when you want more reach, a baton is the perfect solution.

A perfect example is the Stun Master 18 Million Volt Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun. It is a 3-in-1 device with three different features: it is a stun gun, but it also features a bright flashlight, and it is built as a powerful steel baton.

The Stun Master stun baton can already do a lot of damage to any attacker even when it is not charged or turned on. A weighted hit with this on a person’s head could knock them unconscious. When used as a club, it can do just about as much damage as the batons most security guards and police officers carry.

This is a very important element to look into when buying tools for security officers. After all, you will want to have a weapon in case the stun baton is not charged. So, having a regular baton and a stun gun featured in one product is a win-win situation.

To add even more damage, this stun baton also comes with a built-in flashlight.

Flashlights can become weapons themselves, especially when facing an attacker who thinks they have an advantage over you. Suddenly turning on a stun baton with light can temporarily blind them, giving you that window of opportunity to smack them with the steel rod or subdue them with a shock.

As an added bonus, this Mobile Charger stun gun is rechargeable. This means you never have to buy batteries, and the charger that comes with it can also be used for other electronic gadgets. It is not a necessity, but it is a neat little addition to give more bang for your buck.

If you live alone and need something to protect you while walking home at night, then a mini stun gun may do the job. However, if you are a security guard or a member of the neighborhood watch, then invest in the metal stun baton types.

You can buy a stun gun baton wholesale, as this will allow you to properly equip everyone on your team. It will not only protect you while on duty but also ensure you can protect those under your watch.

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