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Stun Master Mini Badass Flashlight Stun Gun 15 Million Volts

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The Stun Master Mini Badass flashlight stun gun is made of high quality aircraft aluminum and delivers a shocking blow when used as a stun gun, flashlight, or baton.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master Mini Badass Powerful Flashlight Stun Gun

If you use a powerful flashlight stun gun against your attacker, he or she will be instantly paralyzed, allowing you to escape and contact the authorities. The Stun Master 15 Million Volt Mini Badass Flashlight Stun Gun is one. It is a stun gun, a flashlight, and a steel baton in a single device.

A stun gun is any close quarters self-defense weapon designed to deliver a high-voltage and low-ampere current to the target. While the shock delivered has little power behind it (ampere), it still goes through the body with a lot of potential (voltage). The combination results in a non-lethal current that can adequately disrupt the human body's natural electrical impulses, temporarily shutting down the communication lines between the brain, the nerves, and the muscles.

Stun guns and batons come in many different forms and sizes. When you are picking a stun baton voltage is not the only thing to consider.

Bigger stun weapons that are obviously batons are very intimidating. The sight of one itself is a deterrent against violent actions. This is more ideal for law enforcement or security enforcers. These things can break glass, and with the proper force and technique, bones. They are great for keeping order. However, for an ordinary person, having a stun baton means being able to keep the assailant at some distance, preventing them from getting close enough to inflict considerable harm.

Rather than intimidation and power, smaller stun weapons capitalize on being compact and covert. These things can be kept in your pocket or your purse, just like your cell phone. They are easy to draw, use, and keep. In a self-defense situation, the best part is that they can give you the advantage of surprise.

Flashlight stun guns can be stun batons or small stun guns. You can purchase these flashlight stun guns wholesale for lower prices.

The Mini Badass is a very wieldy, compact weapon that is good for civilian use. In dark places where you are more prone to attack, you can bring it out and turn on the flashlight. This allows you not just to illuminate your surroundings but also to already be armed with a stun weapon on a hand that is at the ready.

Unknown to your would-be attacker, at the tip of your stun gun flashlight metal probes are prepared to dish out 15 million volts at the push of a button. That is what makes the Mini Badass such a bad ass: it gives you the element of surprise, at a size that conveniently fits most pockets. It comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

While it may not look like one, this Stun Master stun gun can also be used as a short steel baton. If your attacker can't be persuaded with a single blow, you will need to be able to dish out some more. This little device has a body made of high-quality aircraft aluminum. It is more than tough enough for the job. You can use it as a lever for both striking and grappling in melee combat.

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