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Stun Master Li'l Guy 12,000,000 volts Green Stun Gun with Flashlight and Nylon Holster

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This little stun gun is small and compact with 4.4 milliamps depending on the freshness of the batteries.

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Detailed Description

Li’l Guy Green Ultra Compact Stun Gun Holster

Your reaction time when attacked could either improve or ruin your chances of survival. The clock is ticking, which is why burglars try hard to beat the police response time, and the police try not to let them get away in turn. The few extra seconds it would take you to dig your weapon out of your bag put you a few seconds too late for deflecting the attack. You may have already picked an ultra compact stun gun to carry around, so keep it slung on your hip in an equally small holster where it would be useful.

When it comes to the placement of handheld weapons, holsters are the bottom line. That sort of a weapon has to stay on your person, within the reach of the hand that is supposed to hold it. There are shoulder, chest, thigh, and leg holsters, and they are all good. However, most people are used to hip holsters placed in the same area where they have their phone and favored pants pocket. A stun gun baton holster also needs to be at the hip, for example, due to the baton’s length.

Small stun guns make great handheld weapons. The best compact stun guns are both easy to carry and unnoticeable to other people. The Green Leatherette Holster for a Li'l Guy Stun Gun enhances the weapon’s advantageous size. Use its heavy-duty belt clip or ring to have your device on you discreetly, without forewarning predators and scaring civilians. A magnetic clasp will hold the stun gun in place inside.

You could match the green leatherette stun gun holster with the green Li’l Guy model or mix it with the black, blue, pink, purple, snakeskin, flower, or animal print variant. Its color is one more defense tactic. Green is not exactly the first color that comes to mind when one thinks about electroshock weapons. The deluxe leatherette holster is better in this case than the black nylon holster that’s free with each Li’l Guy Stun Gun. The holster size, make, and color all conspire to hide your self-defense device in plain sight. This is the same idea behind fashionable stun guns for men and women.

While you could hide your stun gun in a jeans or jacket pocket to keep it on you, a stun gun holster also puts it in the safest position while being carried. You would not want to be at the wrong end of a stun gun when it unleashes a non-lethal but paralyzing electrical load. The electric shock it causes will give anyone pain, too much muscle fatigue to move, and a loss of balance – effects best reserved for your assailant, not you, even if they will weaken before an hour and leave no permanent injury.

You can buy your Li’l Guy mini stun gun wholesale along with a holster for savings, as it makes little sense to get the weapon but not the best case in which to wear it at all times. Some buyers become resellers for their trusted wholesaler and earn from home.

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