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Stun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight Red

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The Red Stun Master Li'l Guy 12 Million Volt Stun Gun with flashlight and FREE Nylon Holster.

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Li'l Guy Red Stun Gun Flashlight Leatherette Holster

Self-defense situations can be very confusing and chaotic for both would-be attacker and targeted victim. Things can get rough in an instant. You need to be able to act and react more quickly than your attacker expects. Surviving is one thing, but what's better is to halt the fight and get yourself to safety. If you are going to do better than survive, you need to be prepared. One way of doing that is by arming yourself not just with a stun gun but also with this red stun gun holster.

The Red Leatherette Holster for the Li'l Guy Stun Gun can give you something no amount of voltage or personal self-defense training can: it can shorten the distance between your hand and your weapon. This may sound trivial, but in truth, it can drastically improve your chances of escaping a dangerous situation.

Having a holster means not having to fish around your bag or fiddle around your pocket to retrieve your weapon, which is safer, as you will be minimizing the risk of shocking yourself. You especially do not want to accidentally get shocked while in the middle of a hostile encounter.

More importantly, this red taser gun holster allows you to draw the weapon faster. Speed is key to getting the upper hand in any situation that requires you to engage in close quarters combat. You can choose to place the holster wherever you want on your person, as long as it is a location that will help you draw the weapon out faster. This is especially valuable when your attacker catches you by surprise.

You can pay the surprise back with a dose of electricity likely to confuse and instantly immobilize any attacker. If you manage to surprise your attacker, you will want to aim for the parts of the body that are most susceptible to shock: the groin, stomach area, shoulders, and neck. Targeted surprise attacks like this are easier to pull off with a holster than if you just keep your weapon in plain sight.

Additionally, the color and general look of this red leatherette stun gun holster can allow your stun gun to look harmless. When hanging from your belt or your clothes either through its heavy-duty belt clip or its ring, it makes your Li'l Guy look nothing like a weapon. When it comes to stun gun holsters, red leatherette is a more inconspicuous material than the classic black nylon. It is similar to how the stun gun pepper spray phone case can disguise your stun gun or pepper spray as a mere gadget or fashion accessory.

It is also good enough to tie a particular outfit together. Stylish stun guns for men and women are best kept in equally stylish holsters. They can complement and perhaps complete each other's harmless, innocent, and fashionable look.

This is literally the best mini stun gun holster for your Li'l Guy, as it was especially designed to hold that particular stun gun. With it, you can be armed and ready without sacrificing style.


The safety switch is off when in the down position, middle position is the super bright LED flashlight, and in the up position the shock is turned on once the trigger is pressed.

  • Super Bright 120 Lumens LED flashlight
  • Built-In Retractable Charger
  • Comes with FREE Nylon Case
  • Heavy Duty Prongs That Won't Break
  • Has A Rubberized Coating For A Non Slip Grip
  • It Measures only 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"
  • 4.2 milliamps
  • Available In: Black, Pink, Red and Purple