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Stun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable Stun Gun With Flashlight Purple

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The Purple Stun Master Li'l Guy 7,500,000 volts Stun Gun with flashlight and FREE Nylon Holster.

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Detailed Description

Stun Master Li’l Guy Flashlight Fashion Stun Guns

Hopefully, you have not been mugged or attacked by some knife-wielding wacko on the street yet, but there is always a first time. You must carry something for self-defense. It should be something that will put surprise on your side. Small fashion stun guns give you that kind of edge.

Stun guns give an attacker an electric shock on contact, dropping an assailant without the victim having to fight back, which would be very dangerous, especially for small people. While they are down, the victim can either call for help from bystanders or police officers in the area or call 9-1-1.

Since stun guns do not depend on physical force, the user’s size does not matter. The electric current causes loss of muscle control and of balance. It confuses and disorients, too.

Firing a stun gun in the air alone can even be enough to scare an attacker off.

Are mini stun guns effective, or is bigger better? A small stun gun is better in that you can hide it in your hand so your target will never see what’s coming. With advances in technology, the smallest stun guns can be the most powerful. And they will slip easily into your pocket or purse.

The Stun Master Li'l Guy Rechargeable 7,500,000-Volt Purple Stun Gun with Flashlight may be small, but the electric shock it gives is anything but. It has a three-position safety switch. The lowest is the off position, the middle switches on the 120-lumen LED flashlight, and the highest means it is ready to fire when the trigger is pressed.

High voltage stun guns can drop attacking criminals fast and make sure they stay down long enough. And they will drop even the biggest, toughest targets.

Many people do not want others to know they are carrying a defense weapon. That is why some compact stun guns look like cell phones or lipstick, or they come in fashionable colors for both men and women. Purple, for example, hides the fact that what you have is a debilitating device.

This purple Li’l Guy, as cute as it looks, has heavy-duty prongs and a rubberized non-slip coating. There is a lifetime warranty and a convenient built-in retractable charger. You may choose black or pink, too.

You can even get this police flashlight stun gun wholesale. Flashlight stun guns let you see an assailant clearly in darkness. You can blind them temporarily with the glare so you can stun them unhindered. Also, you can scout your surroundings at night for possible threats so you can see them before they get near you.

A small stun gun flashlight is the one to get. Women especially will find it handy, and they can use it to light their way at night. When using it while unlocking car or house doors where it is dark, they will already be holding a weapon should they be attacked suddenly.

Why not resell the Li’l Guy and other stun guns and make money helping others? Get them from a wholesaler for very competitive rates.

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